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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eric is nine weeks old!

Eric is getting better at laughing at appropriate times, I keep trying to teach him by tickling him and then laughing. He is also scooting his little butt into the air to tell me he wants to be picked up! And the most adorable thing this week is he has started to open his mouth when I lean in to kiss him!

photo courtesy of TonyG Photography

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eric is 2 months old!

We had to get his shots this week. Eric got 3 of them, plus medicine he had to swallow!!! He wailed each time the Dr stuck him and then bled all over my shirt. I cried too. I'm so thankful Hub took off work to be with us! P.S. the Dr gave him daffy duck bandaids. :) Eric is 10.15 pounds and 22.75 inches long! (my neighbor's son was born 10 pounds, can you imagine???)

We bought Eric a play gym with fishes on it for tummy time as well as enjoying laying on his back. The fishes make noise and he has so much fun batting at them!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Eric is seven weeks old!

It's about time - Eric is finally growing out of his teeny tiny shirts and can wear newborn onesies!

I heard him laugh in his sleep this week - TOO CUTE! I can't wait until he is able to laugh in appropriate social situations!

Also this week, when Eric is sad, he will look at you directly in the eyes and wail as loud as he can. Usually I know what he wants/needs but Eric has stopped using the Dunstan Baby Language, and suddenly I have no idea what he wants anymore! It's just heart-wrenching to watch him look at you as alligator tears flow down his tiny little cheeks!

photo courtesy of TonyG Photography