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Monday, November 24, 2008

Eric is twenty-five weeks old! (6 months and 1 week)

If it's possible, Eric is even more wiggly than ever! He is very interested in every sound we hear during the day (or night). Daddy's voice and Bailey's barks are of special interest and every activity comes to a screetching halt as Eric sharply turns his head to look where the noise has come from!

He is getting so good at sitting up to play, I still prop him up, but he is much more stable and if he starts to tip over he can catch his balance now!

His screetching is as loud as ever too. Sometimes if a toy is out of reach, he can really wail if he is frustrated enough. He isn't frustrated enough to crawl to the toy yet, but I can tell that's coming soon!

Eric made his first craft this week, check it out below! Also below is our Thankgiving Family Photo, plus an extra cute pix of Eric...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eric is 6 months old!

OMG, my baby is 6 months old already!!! Where does the time go? He is doing so many "bigger" boy things now (not Big Boy things - he is still my little baby!!!) He is really enjoying Mookie and Bailey, he laughs at things they do and his eyes watch them run around. Scott took Eric in the backyard and held him while kicking Bailey's soccer ball to Bailey. Eric thought it was the funniest thing, he just kept laughing and laughing! (I recorded his laughing, there is no video, just the sound of bailey barking and running around and Eric laughing, I can email it to you if you want to hear it, just let me know. I can't get it embedded into this blog for whatever reason.)

Eric can also hold a sitting position now, if I prop him up. He is very interested in patterns on clothing; as well as by our faces, he studies us by holding our faces with his little tiny hands then grabs our ears or plays with my hair by stroking it repeatedly.

The teething has slowed way down this week and he is much happier for it. He is also happy to hear that his 6 month shots got postponed because the doctor is taking an extra long Thanksgiving vacation.

This week we tried bananas as well as applesauce. Eric didn't seem to like the banana at all, I'm guessing it was a texture issue and we can try again later. The applesauce seemed acceptable, but the carrots are still number one with the sweet potatoes at a close second! Also, this week Eric started sleeping in his crib during the night. His co-sleeper is getting small (or I guess he is getting big, lol) and he seems uncomfortable in it, so we moved to the crib and he is doing wonderfully. I, on the other hand, am a complete wreck. I feel like he is growing up too fast because he is independent enough to sleep in his own room. I have the baby video monitor on my night stand and I stay up all night watching him and only stop watching to go into his room to feed him (or comfort him if he wakes up crying).

Below, I've got a cute pic and some videos to share, enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things

What I love about Eric...

the way he opens his mouth to give kisses

his sweet baby breath on my neck when he falls asleep in my arms

the way the top of his head smells like brand new tiny baby

how he tells himself a story as he winds down for nap time

the little popping noises he makes right before bedtime

his gorgeous crystal blue eyes

how super soft his skin is

his giggle

his dimples

the antics with his tongue

those little blond hairs

that when he wakes up he has little tiny baby bed head

that he is such a good eater

those kissably chubby cheeks

that he lets me kiss him as much as I want

that he puts his arms around me now when I hug him

how he always seems to be able to get just his right sock off

how he always has a big smile for me

when he puts his hands on my face and looks me in the eyes and smiles

those super long eyelashes

how he patiently waits for me to put my hair up before I pick him up

how much he loves being outside

the way he looks at me using his carseat mirror while I am in the front seat of the car (so smart!)

the way he rubs his little eyes when he is tired

how active, curious, and observant he is

watching him learn and grow every day


And here are a few of Eric's favorite things:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Eric is twenty-three weeks old! (5 months and 3 weeks)

He is starting to wrap his little arms around my neck when I hug him!

He is starting to show signs of his first emotional milestone - stranger anxiety. Actually, its more like "everyone-but-moma anxiety."

He loves his high chair, not only is it for eating, but playing sometimes too so that Moma can make dinner or wash a few dishes (its also for picture taking, lol!)

We went kite flying on Nov 8th, Eric really seemed to enjoy watching (and tasting) the kite, lol! Below are some pix...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Eric is twenty-two weeks old! (5 months and 2 weeks)

Eric is teaching himself cause and effect, problem solving, and all about textures. The cause and effect is evident as he throws his toys and watches me pick them up; its also evident when I show him that my fingers are about to tickle him and he laughs before I touch him. His problem solving is amazing to watch. When he drops a toy, he looks around for it and tries to pick it back up. And the textures is hilarious to watch, he puts everything in his mouth now and the facial expressions he makes when he tastes a washcloth are very different from when he tastes his rattle or his own thumb - too cute!

He has also started to string together a bunch of consonant and vowel sounds, as tho he is making sentences to tell me a story! He is also starting to know his name! And its almost as tho he has just discovered his tongue, it is sticking out and he is licking things, i'm sure part of this is because he is teething like crazy all of the sudden!

This week we tried green beans and also peas. He's still the best eater I have ever seen, but I think the carrots are still his fav.