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Monday, December 27, 2010

Evie is 9 months and one week old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas together!

We decorated the tree with projects from pre-school!

These are all the December crafts from school.

Evie had more fun with the wrapping than anything else, lol! She got dolls and stuffed animals and books, but the tissue paper the gifts came in was the best gift ever (until she decided to taste it).

Eric got so many nice things, but I think his favorite is the V-Tech Learning System (its like a video game).

And of course, anything to do with dinosaurs is always a big hit, lol!

Besides the banner in the photo before this one, I also put together a Dinosaur Field Guide kit for Eric and I to put together.

Eric also go this organization shelf, a race track rug, a farmhouse, puzzles, books, and his very own Sleep Number brand toddler-sized pillow.

Mook had a good Christmas too!

And so did Bailey!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Evie is 9 months old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

We went to see Santa!!! There were lots of fun games and toys and activites (not to mention cookies) to keep everyone busy before Santa arrived.

Here's the before...

and here is the after, lol!

Christmas with Gran and Papa

Evie LOVES her Sleeping Beauty outfit, but she is sad that she has to wait to wear it until it is washed.

Eric LOVES the tent - the dinosaur flashlight inside was an even bigger hit!

Bailey also likes the tent, lol!

Christmas with Gramma and Grammpa

Eric LOVES the workbench!

Evie loves it too, lol! Plastic wrenches and fake wood are quite tasty!

Evie LOVES her Baby Gymnastics Activity Wall and her Baby's First Christmas bib!

Eric sneeks a peek outside with "Bernard." They are spying on the kitty cats who are eating dinner.

Eric noticed that Evie is crawling and he is enthralled! He is crawling all over the place following her and trying to get her to follow him. Then she will stop and try to pick up a toy and he will take it away and put it down and say something to her which is probably encouragement to continue crawling not stop and play, lol! Below is a short video of her first long-ish crawl.

***I'm having technical difficulties, so I have posted the same video 3 times using 3 different services, hopefully everyone can see at least one of the videos - let me know which one you can see so i will know for next time!

From Evie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Evie is 8 months and four weeks old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

Evie pulled herself up from a sitting position to a standing position, using the toy piano on Dec 9, 2010!!!

Eric used the restroom and made #1 and #2 on Dec 11, 2010!!!

I saw this hairbow online, complete with instructions, isn't it the cutest thing? (or should i say lack-of-hair bow, lol!)

This hairbow was part of the same tutorial online and there are a ton more, this lady is creative with her ribbon!!!

So handsome in his little moose sweater!

Christmas with Grandpa Jim

Thanks for the dinosaurs Grandpa Jim!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Evie is 8 months and three weeks old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

Evie sat up by herself on Tuesday Dec 7th! She is getting so close to crawling (she is creeping along now using her head and rolling).

What a cute look!

That look is the look Eric gives me when he is about to get into something he's not supposed to get into! And look who has it already at just 8 months old!!!

School party photo

School art featuring Evie's hands

School art featuring Eric's hands

School Holiday Party photo together

Eric is in Bailey's crate, lol!!!

Eric got an early Christmas present, a TV for his room! He is very excited (literally on the edge of his seat) and has T-Rex join him in watching a Baby Einstein Video.

Having a TV in your room is so awesome, Eric is sure to share it with his other dinosaur friends! I walked into his room and saw how he had carefully placed his apatosaurus upright in the chair and facing the TV, lol!!!

Scott ran a 26 mile marathon called The North Face Endurance Challenge on Dec 4, 2010. He did a great job in the rain and slippery mud! WOO HOO Scott, great job, we are so proud of you!!! ‎♥♥‎♥