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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eric is twenty-one weeks old! (5 months and 1 week)

This last week we ate yellow squash, green beans, and pumpkin. He seemed to like them all, but pumpkin was his favorite of the three. I'm not sure if it's better than carrots, but it's definately number 2!

On Oct 21, Eric rolled over from back to tummy all by himself! I was able to catch it on video (ah, the joys of being a stay-at-home Moma!) The video is below, cick the triangle to watch the video. The 23rd was the first time he ever slept on his tummy, I put him on his back as usual, but he rolled right over, I was so nervous - but of course, everything was fine. A pic is below.

We also switched from a pattern schedule to a straight schedule this week. This new schedule is based much on the old one (which was dictated by Eric) but it encorporates the 'eating then playing then sleeping' theory (popularized by BabyWise) which I prefer over the 'eating then sleeping then playing' method - who likes to go to bed on a full stomach anyway, especially if he is going to continue sleeping on his tummy!?!

And of course its almost that time and I have been dreaming of the little pea-in-a-pod costume since before he was born - too cute!!! A pic is below. Happy Halloween!

And one last picture - Someone gave us a cute little outfit with a boat on it, so I just had to find the nautical flags to spell ERIC!

Eric rolls over for the first time

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eric is 5 months old!

I cannot believe 5 months have gone by already! I feel so blessed to finally have my little guy here to complete our family and my life! I know Eric is the reason I was put on this earth and I am so thankful!

Our little miracle is getting good at rolling around on the floor and he will lay on his tummy and make swimming motions! We practice sitting up and playing with toys - this seems especially rewarding for him, I know sitting up is something he will really enjoy! He also really enjoys Scott's impression of Popeye The Sailor Man, I don't know why (Eric has never seen Popeye and has no idea who Popeye is), but for some reason it consistantly makes him laugh!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Eric is nineteen weeks old! (4 months and 3 weeks)

Peek-a-boo is starting to be funny and he loves for me to raise him up towards the ceiling as high as I can reach. How does he decide these things are funny and how does a sense of humor develop? I have no idea, I just love that laugh!!!

He is learning how to cough now and the first time he did it I was really concerned, so now he does it unpurpose and watches for my response. He sticks his tongue out when he coughs, its super cute!

Also, hockey season has started!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Eric is eighteen weeks old! (4 months and 2 weeks)

This week we tried carrots. At first Eric looked at me like, "Um, Mom, there is something really wrong with these sweet potatoes..." then after a few spoonfuls he seemed to be looking as if to say, "Oh, I get it, these aren't sweet potatoes... Carrots you say? These are the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!!!" After the carrots and cereal were all gone, he screamed for more - just wait until he tastes applesauce! LOL! Thankfully we have a good eater on our hands, but yikes what a mess he makes!