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Monday, May 25, 2009

Eric is 1 year and 1 week old!

We are officially in size 4 diapers! YIKES!!!

Bailey ate one of Eric's toys. The toy had glitter in it. Hub picked up Bailey's "leavings" and had to bring it to me so I could see the prettiest dog leavings ever, lol!

Eric has been copying words we say, this week he said "grandpa" and "hello!"

We had our 1 year doctor visit this week. Eric got 2 shots and some blood taken, he was very brave. He got Taz band-aids!

This is the last time in his infant car seat, he is 20.14 pounds now and 29.5 cm tall. He has to move into the big boy carseat!

We had a playdate with Kellie and her kiddos, she brought more birthday presents for Eric! Thank you Kellie!

Savanna was super sweet and helped Eric with whatever he needed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eric is 1 year old!!!

Eric had a wonderful first birthday! A big thanks to all of you who helped contribute and make this day so nice. Below is one of the pictures from the party, the rest I have uploaded to an online album, click here to go to the online album.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Eric is 11 months and 4 weeks old!

Eric is so sweet, he really likes to share. He will bring me a toy and put it in my lap and then go play with something else. I've also noticed, he is aware of what items belong to whom, i.e., he will bring Dada his red hat and he will bring Bailey the stuffed pheasant toy.

He has started laughing at the appropriate times during his TV show. I can rewind the show to the funny part and he will laugh at the same point in the show each time!

My first official Mother's Day was awesome! I got flowers, breakfast, a pedicure, my hair done, a special card that Eric and Dada made, taken out to lunch, to go shopping for garden stuff and Scott finished planting the garden! What a great day!!! :)

Here's a pic of tooth #6 that popped through on May 1st.

Here is Eric's dance, lol!

Eric eating a cold pickle - check out the tongue action and the facial expressions! Sorry the video is a big wiggly, I was trying so hard not to laugh myself right outta the chair!

Eric steps up into the house. I was hoping he would show you how he can step down too cuz that's usually harder than stepping up, but he decided to go inside and get some things off the kitchen table, so I had to stop filming and go help him. He steps up and down just fine and is really enjoying all the backyard has to offer! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eric is 11 months and 3 weeks old!

On May 1, Eric's left eye tooth popped through!

We have been working very hard to learn how to be gentle. Petting the dog and cat softly (not hitting), touching Moma's hair gently (not pulling), touching Dada's eyes gently (not gauging), etc. This week, Eric has started using one finger to touch things when I tell him "nice." He will go over to Bailey and grab his face, so I say, "Eric, can you pet your dog nice?" and most of the time Eric will stop grabbing Bailey's face and touch him with one finger! Hooray for progress!

Eric has started pointing at everything. He is more curious than ever about his environment. He is very observant and now dances when he hears music and laughs at the appropriate times while watching TV.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Eric's favorite Disney character is Handy Manny the Handyman, here is his Handy Manny Cinco de Mayo shirt, it says "Sinko" de Mayo, lol!