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Monday, April 30, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 2 months and 1 week old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 64

Eric told me he woke up singing this morning. :)

My tiny girl sleeping next to me in bed. I keep one arm under her and the other arm around her so she can't fall out.

I had to have a lump removed, thankfully it was not cancerous. I also discovered Maderma, it heals your skin so you don't get big ugly scars. I'm happy that at some point after the stitches come out, I will be able to wear my hair up again and not have a giant scar!

Most spoiled dog ever!

Most spoiled cat ever!

This walked into my kitchen this morning. I've trapped him in an empty peanut butter jar. There's almost always a bug catching peanut butter jar around, we go thru the big 36oz jars in about 8 days.

Eric is playing detective, he has discovered a 'dino egg'!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 1 month and 4 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 57

Today it got hot for the first time. Not sure if its officially Spring now or the start of Summer.

Evie’s favorite word is “NO!” but she is practicing saying the letter ‘t’ sound at the end of all her words so it comes out, “NO…ttt”

More Easter treats from Gramma and Grampa!

Thank you!

Our neighbor comes over often to ask if I can watch the kids while he runs errands or picks up the other child from school.

It's usually not very long, and is sort of bittersweet for the kids because just as they get into a game, their friends have to leave.

Look at that, eyes on the ball, great stance, he connects with the ball and its a pretty awesome hit!

Tractors and bubbles, what more could a grandfather ask for? lol!

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

"Now, you see Eric..."


Evie and I play at the playground during Eric's speech therapy sessions.

Then we have a snack break.  :)

I got a new curling iron! First time in almost 20 years! What an amazing difference!

The pediatrician's office got a new toy!

I scream, "OMG, get her away from the edge!!!!" Scott says calmly, "I've got her." Then I look at her face and see the wonder and excitement.

I'm still on the play structure and get this cool shot of Eric with his bubble blower...

and this super cute shot of Evie spilling her bubble mixture, lol!

Swinging with Dada!

Swinging with Momma!

This is what Eric's bathroom counter looks like right now, its like a toy store of free items that he can choose if he will just go pee in the toilet.

One of the items is a dino pillow case I made.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 1 month and 3 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 60

Scott called me in the middle of my scrapbooking crop to tell me he has figured out what type of music Eric likes. I was waiting for him to say something like “top 40” or “80’s” but instead he said, “music in 4/4 time with 1-2 instruments.” My husband is amazing!

April 11: Eric went poop in the toilet! I told him when he did, he'd get chocolate cake! Evie likes to play in the bathtub while Eric sits on the toilet. She doesn't have any water, but its still super fun, lol! (you can just barely make out her foot next to Eric's dino on the floor)
I created this layout with my kit Marina's Mini.

He and Evie helped me make the chocolate cake!

Mook loves to play with the ring around the milk cap, lol!

Scott wants to put Eric in t-ball as soon as he is old enough. It looks like he might be ready now!

Evie wants to be old enuf too, lol.

She seems to be better at hockey -- you go girl!

Our garden has spread to most of the backyard, lol, we have an artichoke plant in the corner and its started to make baby artichokes!!!

Reading Sister a story. What a good Big Brother!

We haven't seen the end of the dinos just yet, he played with them until he fell asleep last night, lol!

Eric got new shoes, he's a size 11 now, I can't believe it!!! (he's probably more of a 10.5 but they didn't have half sizes)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 1 month and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 126

Happy Easter!

Evie's gorgeous Easter dress. (I took these pix in our backyard.)

Eric's handsome Easter outfit (just a tad big on him, wish i could get that kid to eat something!)

As far as the Easter Bunny goes, the kids don't really understand that stuff yet, so about a week before Easter I started a dinosaur egg laying project. We got a momma dino and she laid some eggs (this was a toy I bought that actually had a momma dino that laid eggs, but the eggs were just gelatinous blobs that did nothing but get big in water) so we watched the eggs grow larger and larger for about a week. Then on Easter morning, (with a bit of help, lol) the eggs had grown too big for the container and ended up on the table filled with baby dinos. Eric thought it was awesome and opened all 8 baby dino eggs and was shocked and so pleased with each baby dino he discovered, lol.

Also on the table were their Easter baskets full of toys and eggs. The eggs were filled with chocolate chips or goldfish crackers. Evie preferred the chocolate chips and ate all hers and all of Eric's so I had to do a refill for poor Eric, lol. Then they played with all of their toys and spread eggs and Easter grass and toy wrappings all over the living room. It was a good day, lol!

The aftermath, lol!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 1 month and 1 week old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 77

I created this layout with my new kit Marina's Mini.
The journaling reads:
I am a stay at home mom. I love my children more than all the good things in all the world. I hate potty training more than all the bad things in all the world. My every day is full of cleaning pee and poop out of the carpet, sofa, bed, walls, and off of two small children. My every night is full of changing sheets, washing children, consoling them for hours when their blankies have pee on them and must be washed. I do laundry at least five times a day, usually more due to all the accidents. I’m sure when they are 15 & 17 and sneaking out of the house, I will wish for the days of potty training, but right now, not so much!

Eric's Spring/Easter artwork from school. I think that first one is supposed to be a chick... probably should have stayed in its egg a bit longer, lol!

Scott ran the American River 50 mile race on April 7th, his time was 10 hours 24 minutes and 53 seconds!!! Here is his shirt and his number (its called a 'bib').

They are whole grain waffles and don't even have syrup on them -- not sure I'd eat them, no less with such enthusiasm, lol!