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Monday, March 29, 2010

Eric is 1 year, 10 months old, and 1 week old!

This week at my dr appt, I got to see my midwife, Laurie. She said Evie's heart beat was jumping around from 130 to 150bpm (which is normal at this point), and that I was 3.5cm dialated and 80% effaced. She made an appt for me for next week, but said she didn't think I'd make it that far.

As of March 24th I am officially 10 months pregnant!

Eric's curriculum this month is Transportation. I made him this tissue box train and he really seems to be having fun with it!

It's hard to see, but I put a picture of him in the conductor's seat!

One of the train cars carries wood, the other coal.

We take turns "driving" it around the house, lol!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Eric is 1 year and 10 months old! (22 months!)

This week at the dr appt, I got to see the midwife (Laurie). She said Evie's heart beat was 150bpm, and that I was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced. She made an appt for me for next week, I'm hoping Evie comes before then!

This is my 9 month pregnancy pic. I'm so lucky to have a husband who is such an awesome photographer!!! (and who was able to find the most gorgeous varigated rose I have ever seen!)

Eric got a new toothbrush this week. I picked out a Diego & Dora toothbrush for 2 year olds. When I showed it to him last night, he said, "wow!" then hugged the toothbrush!!! I told him it was Diego and Dora and he tried to say "Diego and Dora" it was so cute! He then brushed his teeth all by himself! :) YEAH!!!

A lady at Scott's work gave us this desk for Eric, he is in love with it, lol! (Thank you, Lisa!) He is coloring with utter delight in this pic. I took some video footage too... (hopefully one day I will be able to take video footage that has sound but for now, this is what we get, sorry)

* I just found this online: http://www.our365.com/NewbornPortraits/HospitalResults.aspx?sid=2272 I don't know why no one told me about this when Eric was born, or maybe they didn't have it yet. But it looks like you can look up the date and they will show you pix of the babies born on that date! So if you are wondering if we have had Evie yet, go to the above website and try a few different dates and see if you can see her picture! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Eric is 1 year, 9 months, and 4 weeks old!

Many thanks to you all for the sweet anniversary wishes!

10 years of marriage is a happy milestone for us! We are so blessed to have each other and our families and have happiness and health. (Yes, that is sparking apple cider in those glasses!)

Here is a close up of the ring Scott got me since it is so hard to see in the first photo. It's engraved with the names of our miracles and has their birthstones plus some pretty sparkly little diamonds.

Here we are at our anniversary dinner. We went to Taste of China and it was super happy lucky awesome, lol! Then we went for ice cream, yummy!!!

Grandpa Jim came to visit - look at those cute matching shirts!

And Uncle Tony came to visit too!

They also had coordinating ensembles representing Superman and Clark Kent!

And last, but certainly not least, a video!!! As you know, we try very hard to be "green" in our home. Our lawn mower is a push mower to help reduce our carbon footprint. One of the many advantages is that it doesn't make a bunch of loud scary noises, so Eric can help Dada mow the lawn!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eric is 1 year, 9 months, and 3 weeks old!

Today was my weekly Dr. visit. Evie's heartbeat was 158 beats per minute. Evie is very active and she gets the hiccups at least once a day now. Thought of the week: "Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside."

Look at this cute shirt I saw online for Evie! LOL! I wonder if they have these shirts in Eric's size too...

Scott ran The Bidwell Classic Marathon on March 6 (13 miles of non-stop running - that's almost 2 hours!!!), he did an excellent job, got this cool keepsake hat, and then rewarded himself with this cool hoodie!

Guess who got his first hair cut? OMG, I cried so hard I couldn't see where I was cutting! Here is the "before..."

And here is the "after..."

This scrapbook layout I made all the papers and embellishments for because I just couldn't find the right colors and shapes to go with these super cute pix! Eric is great inspiration for making digital scrapbooking supplies, I made $30 in my brand new store during the month of February even tho my store didn't open until the 8th! Woo hoo!

You can really see how long his hair was getting in these pix too. Happy Birthday Gramma Linda!

And here is my short-haired little man, helping Papa celebrate. Happy Birthday Papa Steve!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eric is 1 year, 9 months, and 2 weeks old!

My Dr appt was Friday, I am 36 weeks pregnant (about 25 days to go)! Evie's heartbeat was 150 beats per minute (I think she must have been sleeping). She is definately getting bigger and gaining about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. The Dr said her head is in the proper position, and that I am 1.5cm dialated and 60% effaced. I'm hoping that since I wasn't even 1cm dialated with Eric until Week 38 that Evie will come a bit early. The Dr did say that this labor should be a bit faster than Eric's (which would be great since his was 13 hours!!!)

Fun Fact: A pregnant woman produces as many horomones in 9 months as a non-pregnant woman would in over 150 years of life!

On Sunday the 28th, Evie got the hiccups and I could feel them, so I ran over to Scott and he could feel them too!!! This is a good sign, it means her lungs are growing! :)

Eric fell asleep on me with his little tongue hanging out!

Eric is able to get up onto his horse all by himself now!

He is having so much fun with rocking now that he feels comfortable getting on and off all by himself! :)

Gee, do you think they are related? LOL!

At Togo's with Grandma Linda. Look at his cute little flight shirt! He has on camo pants too (you can see them in the next pic)

Here are the cute pants! We were at JoAnne's and he found this little flamingo that he just loved! He drug it all around the store, lol!

Of course he also loved the one that looked like Bailey!

Then he came home and slept with his dog :)