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Monday, June 27, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 3 months old; Eric is 3 years old!

I started out just wanting a pic of them sitting at the table together, but after he fed her and then she wanted to feed him back, I took 100 pix, lol! It was so sweet and cute! (see Mook in the window?)

Evie realized her shoes from Gran almost fit and BONUS - they light up!!! She carried them all over the house, walked around in them, and stomped her feet so they would light up! What fun!

Evie is so good about trying new foods, this was her first nectarine and needless to say, Dada didn't get much of it at all, lol!

She loves this chair in Eric's room. Apparently its the most comfy spot in the house, lol!

What a pretty girl. She lost her first set of earings inside the sofa from climbing up it using the side of her head, lol. So, she is wearing my very first pair of earings until we can get her a new pair of the pretty pink flower ones.

Eric got new shoes, they have Lightning McQueen on them - super cool!

Perhaps this is hugely esoteric of me, but in the 1993 movie "Demolition Man" all restaurants are Taco Bells (they won the franchise wars and evolved into fine-dining establishments.) This is hilarious to me, because i love taco bell, but its even more hilarious because the only 'restaurant' we visit with any frequency is taco bell, so when we get in the car to leave the house, i ask Eric if he wants "to go to the restaurant?" at some point i realized he must think all restaurants are taco bell, hence the joke!

"So, Gramma, how do you get these things outta there?"

This is the kids' masterpiece that will go on the wall in the Sac Children's Museum's permanent gallery. I can't wait for the grand opening!

We got a harness for Evie too, her's is a unicorn! Eric calls it "Nuni" and is very excited that his harness now has a friend, lol!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 2 months, and 3 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

This week Eric said, 'baby.'
Evie walked over to me, lifted up my shirt and said, "tickle, tickle" and started tickling me!

Happy Father's Day!

Gramma Linda always has awesome new toys to play with!

And she cuts sandwiches into dinosaurs!

Evie doesn't care what her sandwich is cut into, lol!

I just love the look on Evie's face, lol!

Eric seems to be able to catch the beach ball without any trouble!

I'll show you how it works, Grandpa Jim!

A Dad at Eric's preschool is letting us borrow his daughter's bike since she has outgrown it. It's just like the bike he played with in the park and loved, except this one is red.

He is peeking thru the structure in the middle picture, lol!

Box O Kid, lol!

This is the tree we planted when Evie was born, now she's one and the tree is blooming!

The pic was so meaningful and cute that I made a scrapbook page.

How cute is she? I love this dress too!

They were playing hide and seek in the closet with each other, it was hilarious!

Evie's very first ponytail!

Hey, that's mine!!!

Someone's getting sleepy!

This is outfit is so cute, but its getting too small :(

Monday, June 13, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 2 months, and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Evie has been walking around the house saying, "D'oh, d'oh, d'oh!" Dada has taught her how to be Homer Simpson!

When she smiles now, she is wrinkling up her nose -- super cute!

Brother's tent is the perfect spot for a super secret tea party!

Cuddling with Dada

"What's out there, Mook? I wanna see!"

love Love LOVE this cupcake shirt!

I tell Eric we have to go down 'his' aisle, lol! (notice how both mouths are full of goldfish crackers, lol!)


I wish I had taken this pic for Mother's Day!

Here's the Father's Day version!

Fly Boy!

The mama duck is kissing the baby duck!


Eric flew this kite 300 feet in the air, at one point he turned around to show us and smile and he let go with one hand, we all jumped for the string thinking he was about to either loose the kite forever or become air borne!

Evie wants to fly kites too.

She also thinks kites are cool!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 2 months, and 1 week old; Eric is 3 years old!

I updated the blog header with new pix of the kids, see above.
School's out for the Summer!

Evie making an art project at school.

Eric works on the project too (the completed art is shown.) There are beans inside for that great sound when shaken!

Eric and Evie play with Nathan at school. Nathan is only 2 weeks older than Eric and also has no older siblings. He is the only other child in school without older siblings besides Eric.

Little Miss likes to climb under my desk while I'm working.

Edith-Ann (AKA Lily Tomlin) anyone? LOL!

These jammies are SO cute!!! I love the outfits with cupcakes on them, lol!

Watching the rain...

Watching Mama take pix, lol!

On the last day of school, the whole class got together at the park!

Eric had lots of fun!

He made some new friends -- here he is wrestling with Lorenzo.

Here's another friend...

we never got his name, lol!

Eric's teacher (Miss Kelly) brought punching balloons for everyone!

Evie climbed up the play structure all by herself!

It got chilly at the park, so we went and got Evie's sweater. She didn't want me to button it, but she let the lady named Evelyn who brings her grandaughter named Eva-Lynn to school button it!

A little boy at the park brought his bike. It's a special toddler bike with no pedals or chain. The philosophy behind this is to teach toddler's balance so they never need training wheels. Eric had so much fun on the bike I couldn't get him to give it back! I had to have the little boy's dad help me pry Eric off the bike, lol!