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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 5 months and 1 week old; Eric is 3 years old!

Photos taken this week: 33 (this doesn't count all the museum photos which was also this same week)

The purpley-mauve thing is a pacifier sanitizer. I've always used it for sanitizing toothbrushes, since neither kid ever used a pacifier. Eric, however, has decided its the coolest spaceship he has ever seen! His army guys like to go for rides, and Eric makes the best spaceship noises!

i heart evie

I took the kids to a children's health fair and we entered to win a raffle prize. Guess what? We won! LOL! It's an amazing wagon with cupholders and seatbelts and seats that have backrests! Eric was such a good helper getting it put together!

Here's the wagon all put together. Time for the evening walk. Daddy has his hands full because I stay home and get dinner ready.

Daddy thought this was the cutest thing ever, lol!

Eric thinks Bailey would look great in a firefighter's hat, Bailey isn't too sure, lol!

Playing in the backyard

Evie found a rock to put into the water table.

love that little grin, lol!

Eric doesn't nap, he hasn't since he was barely two years old, but today while I was changing Evie and getting her ready for nap time, Eric fell asleep! He must have played really hard in the backyard!

I was worried that if i picked him up to put him in bed, he would wake up and not go back to sleep, so I let him sleep where he was, but he wiggled around and found a more comfy position, lol!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Grand Opening of the Sacramento Children's Museum!

Photos taken at the Museum: 54

This is a special edition blog post of pix we took at the grand opening of the Sacramento Children's Museum. We are founding partners which means we donated money to the museum to help them get going. Some of this money was given to Eric as his birthday presents and we donated the rest. Founding partners get a permanent art display in the museum, you can see ours below...

Waiting to get in was hard, there were so many people that the building's limit of people allowed in at one time was reached. Evie's patience was also reached :(

To pass the time, Eric and Daddy checked out the fire engine.

Eric got a hat and fire fighter badge sticker!

Once inside, there was much happiness for all!

We got to take a picture with one of the mascots

The museum took this picture and posted it on their website!!! Even though this is very cool, I have to admit I was a little weirded-out that no one asked permission to take pix of my child or post them on the internet.

Eric really liked this one, he watched the ball go up and down the hills, until it dropped into the bin at the bottom of the hill. This section with the balls was called "Raceways" and taught about velocity, gravity, motion, friction, and acceleration.

Evie liked the puff balls, they were meant to go into a clear vacuum tube which taught about the vacuum of space and travel and air pressure and air currents, but Evie preferred collecting them, I think she was able to hold about 6 at one time!

There were some amazing water features, just the right height for Evie!

She especially like the ping pong balls and put them into the water features.

Eric had a blast splashing water everywhere! This area is called "Waterways" and teaches children to experiment with the flow of water, race boats, and create whirlpools.

Both kids were completely soaked and then...

we went over to the painting wall! This is the before and after shots of Eric making his own hand print on the clear plastic wall - very cool!

soon, they were both covered in paint too, lol! I drew the "E" for Evie and she painted a lovely backdrop for it! :)

good thing i dressed them in 'play clothes' and had a change of clothes in the car!

The painting wall and this craft room were the "Studio of the Arts" section of the museum, where children explore hands-on art projects. Eric made a dino mask!


Evie didn't want to make the craft, she wanted to police the entire museum instead :)  This part of the museum was called "My Neighborhood" and encourages children to role play, and celebrate unique family traditions and cultural awareness.

There was a special baby room called "Baby Bloomers" for children under 3 to enjoy safe exploration. Evie decided she was at the age where she could play in both areas, and she had a lot of fun going down this little foam block slide. You can see Kathleen Palley's back in this photo, she is the owner/operator of the museum.

Here we are in front of our permanent art display, it was located inside the play house (I did not get to choose the spot, and it took me almost our entire time at the museum to find it, lol!) I added the blue arrow digitally, so you could see which one is our art. I was kind of upset that our art was framed with two other people's art, for the amount of money we ended up paying for that spot, you'd think we'd at least get our own frame! And I guess there were too many cool things to look at because when I showed Eric his artwork on the wall he was less than impressed and refused to stand for the picture. Evie doesn't look too impressed either, lol!
All in all it was a fun day, and on the way out there was a small tent with reptiles you could pet, Eric really liked the albino snake, but my camera battery died, so I wasn't able to get a picture of that, maybe next time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 4 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Photos taken this week: 121

Today eric asked me for ‘jooz or milk, ma, pleeeee?’ I said ‘ok’ and got his cup and started to pour milk in the cup. ‘no! wait, ma, jooz! jooz! pleeeeee?’ so I put the milk away and get the juice (jooz). He says, ‘good girl ma!’  LOL!!!

This was my outfit when I was little!

I took the kids to the library and the pre-school reading area had dinosaurs!

It also had this fun wooden bead game (yes, we have 2 of these at home that neither of them are at all interested in.)

Eric discovered the computer area! Each computer had several games for pre-schoolers and Eric had a blast!

Evie also wanted to try out the computer, so she put on the headphones and got up in the chair and started moving the mouse around!

While helping me put the sheets on the bed, Scott ripped our last set of sheets, so I ordered this new bedroom set and everyone really seems to like it, lol!

and when I say 'everybody,' i mean EVERYBODY, lol!

Evie's lunch is so delicious, she is offering to share!

Evie likes kitty cats!

Instead of "Dances with Wolves" he is "Sleeps with Dinosaurs"

I think we might need dinos-anonymous, lol!

Scott calls this her Marilyn Monroe dress.

Eric's imagination is growing by leaps and bounds. He plays with toys in sets of two now and the toys interact, there is usually a momma and a baby, but in this case it's a momma and dadda.


Super Diva!

"Hey, why did the car stop moving?"

How scary is it when you realize your 3 year old knows how to put keys into the ignition of a vehicle in order to make it go?

Another tractor for Evie :)

How cute is this?

Evie learns about the final frontier!

Evie points here toes as I pick her up out of her crib each morning.