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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 17: 2013

Photos taken: 177

April 23: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Mudcats.

April 24: when Eric woke up this morning the first words out of his mouth were, "awe, but i wanna go to the animal faire!" I told him it was just a dream and he seemed angry/sad. I asked him to tell me about the animal faire. He said there was a dragon with two heads and a guy who was feeding the dragon and then the dragon let the guy ride on his back!

T-ball practice was canceled today.

Eric dressed up as Optimus Prime!

April 25: The kids and I made pancakes!

April 27: I turned the house A/C on for the first time this year. The thermostat said it was 82 degrees in the house, yikes! Seems kinda early in the year for that much heat. What happened to spring, is it summer already?

Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. Gran and Papa Steve came to watch! They played against the Rockhounds.

April 29: Playdate with Jacob, water balloon tossing at the park!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16: 2013

Photos taken: 67

April 17: Eric had T-ball practice today.

April 18: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Diamond Jaxx. Evie had her 3 year check up, she is 35 pounds (89th percentile) and 38 inches tall (73rd percentile)!

April 22: Earth Day!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15: 2013

Photos taken: 176

April 9: It's super windy today so I built the kids a kite from a plastic bag and some yarn, it was fun! After both kids got the hang of flying it, I ran inside to get my camera, when I got back, the kite had flown away, lol!

April 10: Evie is going thru that phase Eric went thru when he just wanted to be outside 24 hours a day. Evie and Bailey are in the backyard (in and out and in and out) all day long. She tells me how much she wants to go outside, then she is out there for 5 minutes and tells me it is too windy and hot, so she comes in for 5 minutes and then tell me how much she wants to go outside, lol! This is what we do all day long everyday!
Eric had T-ball practice today.

April 11: It's allergy season again, no one in this family can stop sneezing! Eric refuses to take any medication and he is miserable! :(
Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Rockhounds.

April 12: all the roses in town are blooming, they are so beautiful and every color of the rainbow! (note to self, buy some rose bushes)

April 13: In the last week, Evie has started playing with two toys that interact with each other, carry on conversations, play together, and help each other accomplish shared goals. It's amazing to watch her imagination and social ability grow! 
Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. They played against the Volcanoes.

April 15: We had to cancel our play date with Eric's friend Jacob because we had our first rain of the season.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 14: 2013

Photos taken: 50 (april 2-8)

April 3: Eric informed me that he no longer needs the toilet seat helper any more! :)
T-ball practice was canceled today.

April 5: Evie is running around the house with the end of her fishing pole toy screaming, "happy birthday!" using it as a candle, lol!

April 6: Eric had his second T-ball game this morning at 9am. They played against the Mudcats.

April 7: Evie has a special song for each member of the family, "Baby-Mommie" "Baby-Daddy" "Baby-DeeDee" "Baby-Me".
Scott ran the Trail Less Traveled 10k in Oroville.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 13: 2013

Photos taken: 57

March 27: Evie has 'little bunny foo-foo' stuck in her head, she keeps singing it over and over and then sings it very angrily and loud. Eric had T-ball practice today.

March 28: Eric's school is having open house on the same day & same time as Eric's first T-ball game. Thankfully, the game is called off at the last minute due to rain, so we make it to the end of open house.

March 30: Today at 10:30am was Eric first T-ball game! Scott had to miss the game, he had already committed (and paid) to running the 4MPH Challenge in Redding. Eric's team is the Timber Rattlers and they played the Diamond Jaxx.

March 31: I tried a new recipe this week for savory pancakes and decided to add bacon, and eggs topped with cheese! Yummy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 12: 2013

Photos taken: 245

March 19: It's another round of: "Things You'd Never Thought You'd Hear Yourself Say!"
"Eric, don't stick drill bits into Grandpa's ear please, that's dangerous!"

March 20: Eric had T-ball practice today.

March 23: Today was the official Opening Ceremony for Eric's T-ball! They had free hotdogs and easter eggs, and they took pictures (Coach Randy didn't make it for pictures because his son was in a wrestling tournament, so his wife/assistant coach, Danielle, is standing in.)

March 24: Evie's bday - my life may not be a fairy tale, but my daughter is my princess.

Eric's favorite preschool teacher is moving away! :( We will miss you Miss Melissa!

These next two pages are meant to be side by side:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 11: 2013

Photos taken: 41

March 13: It got HOT today. For the first time in months, I left the house without a jacket! It was so warm in the car (even with the AC on) that both kids fell asleep on the way home from the store! That NEVER happens!!!

March 13: Eric had T-ball practice today.

March 13: Me: Eric, I'm so excited for u to go to baseball today!
E: Um, mommie? I already went to baseball.
me: I know, but it was so much fun you get to go again!
E: oh...

March 15: Eric had T-ball practice today.

March 18: Eric had T-ball practice today.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 10: 2013

Photos taken: 41

March 7: just got done registering Eric for kindergarten, the kids were so naughty in the office i didn't have time to feel sad that my baby is growing up. the office lady gave them markers, so evie colored on her hands and the walls. they were both jumping all over the place and standing on the chairs, Eric was being a transformer or beastwar guy, i'm not sure, it was awful. but the lady told me i had to stay there to fill out the paperwork, so everyone in the office got to deal with the consequences on that one.

March 9: I went to a scrapbooking crop from 6pm to midnight. I have never been to one at this store before but i went because it was their last one ever (the store is closing down). i was a bit nervous at first because i didn't know anyone, but everyone was really nice and there were snacks and prizes (and i won one!) and I asked if anyone might be interested in meeting after the store closes to crop and got an overwhelming response! I was so excited!!!

March 11: Eric started T-ball today! he had his first practice. it took a lot out of him, he was in bed EARLY and had trouble getting up for school in the morning!

Eric took this photo of StarScream, his favorite transformer...

These are my photos of the week: 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 9: 2013

Photos taken: 84

Feb 27: Mom's Bday

Feb 27: Steve's bday

Feb 28: Eric has been watching Batman Beyond and took the capes off all his batmans and robin, so they look like the ones on this new show, lol!

Feb 28: there was a commercial on TV for Dora gymnastics, so I asked Evie if she liked gymnastics & she said, "yea, nasteex!!!" LOL!