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Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 35: Aug 27 - Sept 2, 2013

Photos taken: 58

Aug 27: what a whirlwind of a few weeks, new schools, eating lunch at school for both kids, new bedtimes and wake-up times, whew, I think we made it, lol! Apparently, from what i've read online, it's called 'the new normal' LOL!
Here's an excerpt: It took Eric and I a while to figure out lunches, because lunch boxes don't come with a thermos like when I was a kid. So you have to try to figure out what to do. So I gave him a thermos thing I bought at the store and he said all the kids made fun of him because it was shaped (at the top) like a baby bottle. honestly, it doesn't look anything like a bottle, it has a straw at the top and a closure lid, but whatever, he will never drink out of that again. So the next day I gave him a water bottle. He told me he threw it away without even opening it because he doesn't want water for lunch. I asked him not throw anything away because I was afraid he would throw away his lunchbox or sandwich container, etc. So then I went and bought two different flavors of juice boxes. The first day I gave him one and he said he took 1 taste and threw it away because he didn't like it. The same thing happened the next day with the new flavor. So then i got a water bottle and filled it full of the juice he likes. When he came home, there was no water bottle. apparently he threw it away. I asked him to please not throw anything away. So the next day I got the last water bottle in the house, filled it with juice and reminded him not to throw it away. He threw away just the lid. Luckily I had a spare lid. So the next day I filled it with juice and reminded him not to throw it away. This time he came home with a dripping backpack -- he didn't throw the juice away, but he didn't drink it all either and didn't put the lid on the bottle. So we came home and practiced closing the lid and talked about not throwing anything away and the next day I filled the bottle with 2 oz of juice. He was able to drink it all, didn't throw anything away, and his backpack was dry, woo hoo! 

Sept 2: Eric and Evie are playing the Stars Wars Lego game on the XBox and Eric says, "Evie, make your R2 follow mine." Evie (who is not quite an expert at the controls just yet) says, "But my R2 can't follow, Dee Dee!"

Sept 2: Eric starts soccer today, his first game is this weekend and because our neighbors are the coaches (and will be out of town) they have asked us to coach the very first game of the season, hand out all the jerseys, and provide snack! It was a great game, everyone had fun, and we won!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 34: Aug 20 - 26, 2013

Photos taken: 78

Aug 20: Evie started preschool!

Aug 20: Scott found a snake in the backyard and captured it in a bucket so he could bring it in the house and show it to the children!

Aug 23: Evie is getting really good at making her own sandwiches!

Aug 24: She's also become quite adept at building forts out of anything she finds in the house.

Aug 26: Playdate with Jacob

Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 33: Aug 13 - 19, 2013

Photos taken: 74

Aug 13: I have my sleep study tonight, I feel weird being gone from the kids all night long and I worry about when they come to get in bed with us, what will happen when they see I am not there. I know Scott will handle everything just fine, I just worry about my kids feeling like I let them down because I wasn't there when they needed me.

Aug 15: Eric starts kindergarten!

Aug 18: Evie is really into building forts lately!

Aug 20: Evie starts preschool!

one of my CTMs made this for me...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 32: Aug 6 - 12, 2013

Photos taken: 48

Aug 7: It's been 5 days with no #2 accidents from Evie!!! *knocks on wood*

Aug 8: she pooped in her pants :(

Aug 8: Today is Eric's last day of preschool. he doesn't seem sad at all, he is ready to move on!

Aug 11: We all went outside before bedtime tonight to see if we could see any of the Perseid meteor shower. We all saw several shooting stars and it was really exciting!

Aug 12: I have been on plan with weight watchers as my new year's resolution since Jan 1. Today at my weigh in I am down 15 pounds, so my little prize to myself was a lemon mint clay facial. The kids said I looked like a clown and Eric took my picture, lol!

Aug 12: play date with Jacob

Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 31: July 30 - Aug 5, 2013

Photos taken:  135

Aug 1: Eric graduated (he still has a few more days of preschool)

Aug 3: We went to McBean Memorial Park with Gran and Papa Steve when we discovered a tiny baby egret had fallen from his nest in a large tree. His mama was calling to him but he couldn't fly and his mama couldn't figure out how to get him back into the nest. Papa Steve called several of his ornithologist friends and we were able to find the proper agency to come and rescue the baby!

Aug 4: Scott's birthday

I made a pirate treasure chest full of treasure for the kids along with a map, hats, swords, eye patches, telescopes, etc. They had a great time playing pirates!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 30: July 23 - 29, 2013

Photos taken: 42

July 25: Abigail and Eric are best friends at school! Hopefully we will see her next year too! The last day of school was Star Wars day, check out the purple light saber!

July 26: We celebrate the beginning of summer with doughnuts, play dates, crafts, and fresh fruit!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 29: July 16 - 22, 2013

Photos taken: 72

July 17: Evie's new bedsheets came! Many thanks to Great Aunt Wendy for letting us use her Disney discount to get princess everything for Evie's room!

July 20: We went to Gran and Papa Steve's to play in the sprinklers and eat watermelon!

July 21: We celebrated Grampa Bill's birthday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 28: July 9 - 15, 2013

Photos taken: 171

July 9: I have tried to plan a lot of fun summer activities for the kids including crafts, swimming lessons, play dates, water park time, visiting the playground, making snacks and etc. I was a bit worried about the dentist appointment, but they were very pleased with the stuffed animals, and the prize afterwards!

July 14: We've been working hard in the garden!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 27: July 2-8, 2013

Photos taken: 205

(there is a video of evie singing from july 3 or 4 or 5)

July 1: Eric starts swimming lessons today. He refuses to put his face in the water. Evie really wants to swim too, but she is too young and they won't let her. It's 30 minutes of torture for her to have to not be in the pool, and 30 minutes of torture for everyone in the surrounding area who have to listen to her screaming and crying and trying to get in the pool anyway. 

July 4th: Happy Fourth!

July 6: I saw a hummingbird sipping from our agapanthus (lily of the nile). I think he's the first I've seen this season. Must be time to get the feeder out!

July 7: We went to "old macdonald's" with gran and papa steve

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 26: June 25 to July 1, 2013

Photos taken: 80

June 28: Heather's sweet Mercedez went to kitty cat heaven this morning after losing her battle with kidney dysfunction. She was 17 years old (she was Heather's high school graduation present). There is a huge whole in all our hearts. Her passing brings up memories for me of losing Charlie and Daisy I am doubly and triply saddened. 

Heather wrote: Mercedez was my high school graduation present in 1996. I had wanted a kitten my entire life, and she was the absolute BEST! For 17 years we were inseparable, she traveled with me, we even went on daily walks together. She was so cute looking out windows, waiting for me on the stairs, batting her jingle bell, playing in her kitty house, basking in the sunshine, playing hide and seek, how she daintily ate her birthday dinners at the table with me, how she always slept with me at night, her teacup of water by the bedside. Sadly, she lost her battle with kidney disease (after a long hard fight with my help, love and support) on June 28, 2013. I will forever miss my purrfect little feline daughter, and hold her memory dear in my heart, mind, and dreams. I will always love you, Sadie.

June 29: I bought a baby monitor with tv screen before eric was born. Once he stopped co-sleeping, I used the monitor almost non-stop. When Evie was born, she used the co-sleeper too, but when she moved into her big girl crib, I moved the baby monitor's receiver into her room and have used it every single night. Tonight, it broke. Evie usually crawls into bed with me around 3am and the last several nights, she has accidentally knocked the monitor on the floor from my nightstand. When I turned it on tonight, the screen was black with one strip of white light across the middle. I keep turning from the computer to look at the monitor on my nightstand and it isn't there. So, I keep having to get up and go look in her room to check on her.
But losing the baby monitor was just the beginning... next, my parents gave us their spare Twin XL bed, so Scott decided it was time to get rid of Evie's crib and changing table too. They sold on craigslist in less than 24 hours! Then he unplugged her wipes warmer and took it out of her room! Then the diaper genie went too! Next, he moved her play kitchen into her room and gave her Eric's desk (Eric got my scrapbooking desk, now I have nothing to scrapbook on) so the kids both have a good homework spots. I guess all that's left to do is get Evie computer. (I thought I had a baby, but apparently she's a big girl now!)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 25: June 18-24, 2013

Photos taken: 121

June 21: Today is the first day of Summer! We picked peas in the garden. Evie ate several, but Eric didn't want to try any. They were small but really sweet! 

June 22: I made some 'basic' muffins and stuffed each one with a different fruit from our farmer's market haul (and a few are stuffed with chocolate chips, lol!) I also made some plain ones to put the apricot jam on. Eric was asking me what was in each one and when I told him these over here are plain, he said, "You mean they have airplanes in them?" 

June 24:  Playdate with Jacob, we got to go to his house this time cuz it's raining today.

Interview with the kids:
Me: Eric, what is the meaning of life?
Eric: playing!
(very wise!)

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Eric: A really fast runner like my daddy is

Me: What are you afraid of?
Eric: bats
Me: bats?
Eric: yes, bats!!!
Me: why?
Eric: (annoyed) because that's what i do!

Me: If you had 1 wish, what would you wish for?
Eric: lego superman... in winter, from santa

Me: What is the best thing in the world?
Eric: Clouds
(so, existential!)

Me: What makes you mad?
Eric: Nobody playing with me.
(me too)

Me: What is the meaning of love?
Eric: I love you and I give you a kiss! 
(then he kissed and hugged me)

Me: How old is Momma?
Eric: 7
Me: How old is Daddy?
Eric: 4
Me: wait, 4? how old are you?
Eric: 5
Me: and how old is Evie?
Eric: 3
Me: Ok, so how old is Daddy?
Eric: 4
(alrighty then, lol! clearly he sees me as the mature adult in the household, lol)

Me: What is Daddy's job?
Eric: go to work. he gets money so i can get more transformers AND toys!
(who cares about groceries or electricity? all you need is love... and transformers)

Me: What does Momma do?
Eric: Give them our toys who doesn't have toys (i give the kids' old toys to charity).
(awe, so sweet that he remembers)

Me: What is the coolest thing ever?
Eric: Dino Ninjas! I really want a dino ninja toy from old macdonald's, does that sound fine?
Me: We aren't going to mcdonalds today.
Eric: (walks away whining)
(d'oh! walked myself right into that one, didn't I?)

Me: Evie, what is your favorite color?
Evie: pink

Me: Evie, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Evie: a dog... and a cat!

Me: Evie, who do I love?
Evie:  EVIE!!!
Me: who does Eric love?
Evie: EVIE!!!
Me: who does Daddy love?
Evie: Bailey
Me: Bailey? really? who does Bailey love?
Evie: his toys
Me: who does Mook love?
Evie: EVIE!!!

Me: Evie, what do You love?
Evie: feé! (her blanket)
Me: what else?
Evie: Bailey
Me: what else?
Evie: Mook
Me: what else?
Evie: Mommie
Me: what else?
Evie: I paint! (gets up and leaves, lol!) 10 minutes later she came back and asked for a mani/pedi (actually she says "my toes, they ruined!" and that means she needs some new nail polish, lol), so she now has purple sparkle fingernails and toenails, and then sat still-ish for white flower nail art on her big toenails and ring finger nails! 

We spent the next several minutes talking about bats and how they are not scary and we looked at pictures of bats online and now Eric says, "I want a baby bat in my room so I can give him a bottle!" I asked if he was scared of bats anymore and he said, "No, I want a bat in our house! Can we please have a bat in our house? When they drink all their juice they can have some more! I love those little tiny baby bats! If they drink all that juice, they will have to go pee in the toilet." :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 24: June 11-17, 2013

Photos taken:  127

June 11: I thought of one last way to get Evie to tell me where little fée has gone. I told her I would give her lots and lots of chocolate chips. She really wanted the chocolate but couldn't tell me where little fée was. I think she has forgotten where she hid it. :(

June 13: If you've seen Disney's movie CARS you know there is a mack truck in the movie named Mack. You might also know that at some point, the main character car (Lightning McQueen) goes searching for Mack and finds several Mack Trucks, but none that are his friend Mack, he even finds a big rig that is a Peterbuilt who he mistakes for Mack. Whenever we are driving in the car, if Eric sees a big rig, he says, "Look, it's Mack!" Sometimes I have to tell him it's a Peterbuilt or a Volvo. Today, we saw our first Mercedez-Benz big rig. Eric said, "Look, its Mack!" and I said, "Actually, this is one we've never seen before, it's called Mercedez-Benz." and he said, "Sadie-ben?" and I said, "Yes, they are made in a country called Germany." And he said, "It sounds like a Decepticon." (these are the bad guys in Transformers, which had me laughing so hard I was glad we were stopped at a signal, lol!)

June 15: Today I told Evie, "I love your chubby, chubby cheeks!!!" and I squished her cheeks and kissed her. She looked at me and said, "I love YOUR chubby, chubby cheeks!"  Thanks kid. Sigh.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 23: 2013

Photos Taken: 63

June 7: It's been about a week now that little fée has been missing (did you know that fée in French means 'fairy'). I hadn't said anything to her about it because I was concerned she would be very upset. But today, I finally got the courage to ask Evie where it was. I knew she had hidden it when over 24 hours went by and she didn't have it and was not asking for it. She was hugging her pink fée and she said, "i LOVE fée!" and I said, "Evie, where is little fée?" and she looked at me for a long time before she said, "Um, I don't know." And I said, "Yes you do, you hid it, remember? You put it in a special place." And she looked at me like 'How did you know!!!?" And I said, "Show me" and she ran into her bedroom and sat on her bed and look around. I tried to see where her eyes went, but I didn't see anything incriminating. I asked her again where it was and she said, "It's with blue fée" but I could see blue fée and so I told her it was not with blue fée. Then she ran into Eric's room and jumped on his bed and started watching TV. Sigh. 

June 9: I tried a new technique for finding the missing little fée. I showed Evie the drawer where I keep all her special stuff, like the shirt she had as an infant that says "Eric's little sister." I told her I was worried about little fée and that maybe little fée wasn't safe, but that if she found little fée and put it in the drawer, it would be safe with all the other special things. She understood, but didn't seem overly interested.

June 9: Eric and I do at least two pages kindergarten-level homework everyday (we usually take a break on the weekends), Evie also does homework, her's is pre-school and pre-k. Lately, along side of the homework packets, Eric and I have been working on his reading skills as well. We have a list hanging up near his bed with the first 100 sight words kids should learn and we go over them every day at least once. I've also been working on words that he can sound out. We watch a fun leapfrog video that explains how letters come together to make words and then we practice the words on our chalkboard. Today, when Scott came home from work, Eric sounded out and read 8 words all by himself with no help! Those words were: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, and sat! WOO HOO!!!

June 10: water park with Jacob

Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 22: 2013

Photos taken: 65

May 28: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Mudcats.

May 30: We are walking thru walmart and we see a janitor with a feather duster in his back pocket. Evie is intrigued and loudly exclaims, "Look! That boy has a tail!"

June 1: Eric had his last T-ball game of the season today at 10:30am. They played against the Rockhounds. Gramma Linda, Grampa Bill, Grandpa Jim and Pam came to watch him play and get his medal and free pizza coupon. Then we all went out for pizza.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 21: 2013

Photos taken: 94

May 21: The Lego Truth: once you have legos, they can never ever be put away. What I mean is, I spend hours sometimes putting all the legos back into their container. I literally find them all over the house. And once I think I have them all, i put the container away. Usually, not 30 minutes goes by before i step on one, and man do those things hurt!!! I put it away, but i know its not the only one. I can feel them hiding from me, laughing, mocking me, ready to jump out of their hiding places and right under where my foot is about to land. This goes on for days until one of the kids asks to get the legos out again. AUGH!

May 22: Eric took this cute photo of Evie...

May 23: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Diamond Jaxx.

May 25: Eric's bday party had to be today because none of the grandparents could all make it on his actual bday.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 20: 2013

Photos taken: 132

May 16: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Rockhounds. Evie and I are still both so sick we stayed home. This is the first of Eric's games that I have missed. :(

May 16: Eric told me his teacher said 'butt' today and then he crossed his arms and got on his stern voice and said, "i don't like that." and i said, "that's right, 'butt' isn't a very nice word, she should really say 'bottom' instead." he agreed wholeheartedly and then uncrossed his arms and went about his business, lol.

May 17: I read mommy magazines, mommy websites, mommy blogs and etc. one of the mommy blogs i read asked what nicknames you give your child and i started thinking about what i call my children.

Eric is: the boy, baby, brother, DeeDee, my most precious boy, and Eric William (when he is in trouble).
Evie is: my precious princess porkchop puddin' pie or 'Pud' for short, the girl, princess, evie bean, evie angel, hunni, sissy, sister, baby, Missy LaRue, and Evelyn Evangeline (when she is in trouble).
Li'l Mookie Tyrone: Mook, The Cat, Mookie, mookie-bear
Bailey Xtra Bowden: Bailey, Bay, The Dog, whoosha (this is the sound that the swirl in his fur would make, if it could make a sound).

May 18: Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. They played against the Volcanoes.

May 19: Today is Eric's 5th birthday! He had a great day! He helped daddy mow the lawn, then they played legos together with Evie, then Eric and I had a photoshoot, then we bought some new toys, and then had a really nice family dinner together.

May 20: I eat cereal for breakfast almost every morning. This morning Eric looked at it and had a revelation: "oh, hey! cereal goes with milk!" I said, "yes, Eric." he said, "I want cereal with milk." i said, "what kind of cereal do you like?" he said, "um, the little circle ones?" and held is hand up in the air with his thumb and pinky almost touching to show me how big the circles are. i said "cheerios?" he said "yes." (see photo of them both eating cereal with milk, lol) the consensus was neither like cold soggy cereal.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 19: 2013

Photos taken: 144

May 8: Breakfast for dinner turned out great! I used a mini loaf pan instead of the cupcake pan, and I used leftover stuffing instead of just plain bread on the bottom. It was super yummy with enough leftover for breakfast in the morning!

May 9: Eric got pink eye at school :( he has to have drops put in his eyes three times a day until the drops are all gone. :( evie is jealous of eric's eye drops, so after I give him his medication, I have to get some artificial tear drops and give her eye drops too. When I'm done she says, "More eye drops, please please please???"

May 11: Scott ran the Gold Rush 100k (63miles) from Sutter's Mill to Sutter's Fort. The race director started pulling people out when two runners collapsed due to the 93 degrees heat. Scott is upset he didn't get to finish the race, but I'm very thankful he wasn't heli-vaced to a hospital like those other two people. We went to the Folsom Zoo with Gramma Linda & Grampa Bill while Scott was running. We had to miss a baseball game today, but it was well worth it!
May 12: My mother's day was spent in urgent care, Eric got pink eye from school yet again and needed another prescription. Evie and I both got sick as well, but didn't get pink eye. Somehow Scott is still healthy. On a more positive note, Scott and the kids washed my car, and I did our traditional mother's day handprint art with the kids!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 18: 2013

Photos taken: 229

May 1: T-ball practice was canceled today and we were told all subsequent practices would be canceled as well, for a total of 7 practices canceled. I'm surprised more people didn't ask for a partial refund, I know I almost did, that's over $100 down the drain!

Mary 2: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Volcanoes. It was our turn to bring snack. We brought whole grain goldfish and 100% juice mixed berry juice boxes!

Many of the kids slide into home plate, its super cute. Eric does not do this despite my requests. Then I realized this sliding causes dirt stains that don't come out of his white pants, Scott explained the stains are a badge of pride, lol!

May 3: Evie announced that her blue 'feé' (blanket) was Eric's and that she no longer wanted it. She cast it aside (in Eric's room) and refuses to acknowledge it any longer. Scott folded it and put it up on a high shelf to test the theory of whether she is really done with this feé, and after several days, Scott is totally convinced, but I know better... I remember the day she confiscated that feé from Eric's room. Eric was never into blankets and I remember the look of glee on Evie's face when she discovered another blanket that was satin on one side and soft fuzzy on the other side. She immediately scooped up that blanket and started carrying it around with her other two blankets. At first I thought it was just a discovery, but very soon that blanket had a special place in her heart. After a few more days, she was asking where *her* blue feé was, and she's kept it by her side ever since.

May 4: Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. Gramma Linda and Grampa Bill came to watch! They played against the Diamond Jaxx.

This weekend is international scrapbooking day/weekend. I created this layout for the speed scrap chat I hosted. The photo is from back in June, but it's my most favorite pic of Evie right now.

 photo ABConefinedaychevronseviesometimesthesmallestthingstakeupthemostroominyourheartorangebluetealgreengray_zps0a65ea43.jpg

May 5: We went to the Sacramento Zoo today! And what a fun day it was! This was the kids' very first trip to the zoo! Eric's favorite was the giraffe, Evie's favorite was the orangutan (who also likes to put his blankie on his head and walk around, lol!), Scott's favorite was the gibbon (also a primate), and my favorite was the kangaroo (although, the ant-eater was pretty cool too). There were no elephants, but there was a brand new baby tiger cub -- super cute! The reptile house was pretty cool too. We also rode the train and the carousel. There was a picnic area with a small park inside the zoo and that was a lot of fun too, especially since I packed a picnic for us. I was really tempted by the big soft chewy pretzels, but I decided making them at home would be yummier, so I'm going to do that. On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and I was glad I didn't fill up on pretzel, lol!

These next two pages are meant to be side by side:

May 6: We had to cancel another playdate with Jacob on account of rain. I made soft chewy pretzels! They were so good, I gave them out on teacher appreciation day to Eric's teachers. I made 2 chocolate chip, 2 cinnamon sugar, 1 cheese, and 3 butter & salt. my fav are the chocolate chip. I love the sweet and salty combo!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 17: 2013

Photos taken: 177

April 23: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Mudcats.

April 24: when Eric woke up this morning the first words out of his mouth were, "awe, but i wanna go to the animal faire!" I told him it was just a dream and he seemed angry/sad. I asked him to tell me about the animal faire. He said there was a dragon with two heads and a guy who was feeding the dragon and then the dragon let the guy ride on his back!

T-ball practice was canceled today.

Eric dressed up as Optimus Prime!

April 25: The kids and I made pancakes!

April 27: I turned the house A/C on for the first time this year. The thermostat said it was 82 degrees in the house, yikes! Seems kinda early in the year for that much heat. What happened to spring, is it summer already?

Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. Gran and Papa Steve came to watch! They played against the Rockhounds.

April 29: Playdate with Jacob, water balloon tossing at the park!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16: 2013

Photos taken: 67

April 17: Eric had T-ball practice today.

April 18: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Diamond Jaxx. Evie had her 3 year check up, she is 35 pounds (89th percentile) and 38 inches tall (73rd percentile)!

April 22: Earth Day!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15: 2013

Photos taken: 176

April 9: It's super windy today so I built the kids a kite from a plastic bag and some yarn, it was fun! After both kids got the hang of flying it, I ran inside to get my camera, when I got back, the kite had flown away, lol!

April 10: Evie is going thru that phase Eric went thru when he just wanted to be outside 24 hours a day. Evie and Bailey are in the backyard (in and out and in and out) all day long. She tells me how much she wants to go outside, then she is out there for 5 minutes and tells me it is too windy and hot, so she comes in for 5 minutes and then tell me how much she wants to go outside, lol! This is what we do all day long everyday!
Eric had T-ball practice today.

April 11: It's allergy season again, no one in this family can stop sneezing! Eric refuses to take any medication and he is miserable! :(
Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Rockhounds.

April 12: all the roses in town are blooming, they are so beautiful and every color of the rainbow! (note to self, buy some rose bushes)

April 13: In the last week, Evie has started playing with two toys that interact with each other, carry on conversations, play together, and help each other accomplish shared goals. It's amazing to watch her imagination and social ability grow! 
Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. They played against the Volcanoes.

April 15: We had to cancel our play date with Eric's friend Jacob because we had our first rain of the season.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 14: 2013

Photos taken: 50 (april 2-8)

April 3: Eric informed me that he no longer needs the toilet seat helper any more! :)
T-ball practice was canceled today.

April 5: Evie is running around the house with the end of her fishing pole toy screaming, "happy birthday!" using it as a candle, lol!

April 6: Eric had his second T-ball game this morning at 9am. They played against the Mudcats.

April 7: Evie has a special song for each member of the family, "Baby-Mommie" "Baby-Daddy" "Baby-DeeDee" "Baby-Me".
Scott ran the Trail Less Traveled 10k in Oroville.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 13: 2013

Photos taken: 57

March 27: Evie has 'little bunny foo-foo' stuck in her head, she keeps singing it over and over and then sings it very angrily and loud. Eric had T-ball practice today.

March 28: Eric's school is having open house on the same day & same time as Eric's first T-ball game. Thankfully, the game is called off at the last minute due to rain, so we make it to the end of open house.

March 30: Today at 10:30am was Eric first T-ball game! Scott had to miss the game, he had already committed (and paid) to running the 4MPH Challenge in Redding. Eric's team is the Timber Rattlers and they played the Diamond Jaxx.

March 31: I tried a new recipe this week for savory pancakes and decided to add bacon, and eggs topped with cheese! Yummy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 12: 2013

Photos taken: 245

March 19: It's another round of: "Things You'd Never Thought You'd Hear Yourself Say!"
"Eric, don't stick drill bits into Grandpa's ear please, that's dangerous!"

March 20: Eric had T-ball practice today.

March 23: Today was the official Opening Ceremony for Eric's T-ball! They had free hotdogs and easter eggs, and they took pictures (Coach Randy didn't make it for pictures because his son was in a wrestling tournament, so his wife/assistant coach, Danielle, is standing in.)

March 24: Evie's bday - my life may not be a fairy tale, but my daughter is my princess.

Eric's favorite preschool teacher is moving away! :( We will miss you Miss Melissa!

These next two pages are meant to be side by side: