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Monday, August 30, 2010

Evie is 5 months and one week old; Eric is 2 years old!

This week Evie is really using those stomach muscles to try to sit up, she has amazing strength!

Eric loves going to school, this last Friday he giggled from the moment we entered the parking lot until I parked the car!

Our little cupcake!!!

This cute little oufit is from Krystil and family, it says "Bee Happy" and there's a picture of a bee on it, lol! Thank you Krystil!!! (look at those cute little toes!)

Under the little flowers on her gown it says, "Watch Me Grow!"

Fashionista Diva!

What a CUTIE!!!

Her stylish Tommy Hilfiger dress!

'Uncle' Tony came to visit.

Or as he was calling himself, Uncle Mr. Tony, lol!!!

Eric adores school but big surprise, he is already sick. He has been in school one week and he is already sick, I am so mad! :( poor little guy!!!

This was cool for all the cars and trucks they have at school.

This is the same BBQ he liked when he attended school when he was 8 months old!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Evie is 5 months old; Eric is 2 years old!

Evie is 5 months old this week! Where does the time go??? She is still getting up 3-5 times a night to nurse but she is sleeping on her tummy now, it is ever so comfy! :) She has also started really holding onto objects - what a big girl!!!

Eric started pre-school on the 20th! Also this week he has started saying "uh-oh," he knows the sound of the toaster and wants whatever comes out of the toaster (not that he will eat it, but he wants it just in case it might be something delicious, lol!), and he has also started sleeping with his blanket on top of his face, I remember doing this when I was little - what a strange phase!

"Are you looking at my ruffles?"

Pink with frogs? I don't get it... but she makes it work!

Pretty in pink, wearing the new shoes from Gran & Papa - Thank you!!!

The neighbor gave this to us, Evie is almost big enuf to use it, her feet don't quite touch the ground yet. (It's hard to see, but this outfit has little castles and princesses on it!)

Look at that grip!

It looks like she is ready for a big hug!

Evie is on the prayer shawl Gran knitted when I was pregnant with Eric.

Love that pink and brown - it looks good with other colors too (i guess.. lol!) Her hand is covering it up, but her outfit says, "I Love Hugs!"

Sleeping on your tummy is the bee's knees!

Here's a great headshot of my handsome little man!

Eric's favorite part of going to play at the park is drinking from the drinking fountain, lol! (the fountain of deliciously warm tap water - ew!)

Eric was so excited to go to school. As you know, he LOVES to color, and this toy lets him color and erase and color and erase; and the best part is, the pen that goes to this toy doesn't make marks on anything but the pad - so, no cleaning pen off the table!!! :)

It is absolutly ridiculous how excited I am that Eric gets his very own cubby!!!

So many new trucks, so little time, lol!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Evie is 4 months and three weeks old; Eric is 2 years old!

Eric's imagination is really blossoming, I see him playing with two different stuffed animals and having them interact with one another and then with him - very cool!

Evie has finally figured out how to taste those tootsie snacks!

Eric is really into coloring this week, he has created 10 masterpieces in just 3 days!

Here are his masterpieces

Eric is so cute, anytime we drive somewhere in the car, he says goodbye to Mook and Bailey and waves at the house!

Dada is very proud that Eric is interested in hockey!!!

My little Strawberry Shortcake!

Look at that cute little pony with all the glitter - what little girl doesn't want a pony?

The embroidered clothes line is just darling! I almost bought a very similar wall hanging recently!

It's hard to see the little bunny, underneath it says, "'B' is for baby bunny"

This outfit is just darling, look at all the bows and embroidery and pink and lace and and and!!!

I adore this little wrap dress. The heart kick pants just 'make' the outfit!

This onesie was so funny to me, I couldn't resist playing it up a little (ok, a lot, lol!) The only things she is actually wearing are the hat and pink outfit. Everything else I added digitally - the make-up, jewelry, accessories, etc.

I've been meaning to have a family photo taken, but I've sorta been putting it off because I knew it was going to be a rather adventurous undertaking. Boy was that the understatment of the year!!!

You can click on this one for a bigger sized view.