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Monday, February 27, 2012

Evie is 1 year, 11 months and 3 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 50

At the store this week, I was confused when I couldn't find socks for Eric where I have always purchased socks for him before (the baby isle) then I realized I had to shop in the ‘boys’ section to buy socks for him. It made me sad! My baby is growing up!!!

Evie got out of her crib all by herself this morning and after nap time too… uh oh!

"Dr. Bowden, paging Dr. Bowden."

Happy Birthday, Gran!

One run down in the brand new trail shoes! Scott says they feel great and get really good traction.  And his new running shirt is the backdrop!

Half way thru rolling around in that little block of sunlight, she discovered some random toy under the bed, lol!

Last night when Scott and the kids came home from their walk, it was discovered that Elmer Elasmasaurus did not make it home. It was too dark to go looking and dinner was ready, so this morning at 8 am, we went looking. It was like the biggest game of hide and seek any of us had ever played, and because I don’t normally go for the walk (since I am at home making dinner,) I wasn't even really sure where I was looking. I did know that what I was looking for was about 2 inches by 2 inches and was brown and orange. We talked about directions (right from left), our shadows, birds, trees and forests, and the kids tickled each other and laughed in the sunshine. About ¾ of the way I found Elmer!!! Then we came home and had breakfast. 

Ta Da!

She is grouping by color now -- so smart!

Happy Birthday Gramma Linda!

Mommy and baby at the park.

Mid dinosaur ROAR, lol!

Helping Dada in the garage.

Eric asks, "How long I am?"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evie is 1 year, 11 months and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 89

Evie sniffed my valentines flowers and then pretended to sneeze, lol!!!

We decorated Valentine cookies with Gramma Linda & Grampa Bill, these are actually the left overs that I decorated, the giant piles of frosting the kids made, they ate, lol! (you can see those in the previous post)

This is the gorgeous ombre cake Ashley made and brought to our scrapbooking crop, she is so talented!!!

Here is Eric's Valentine haul from school, he really 'made out like a bandit' (as Gramma Linda would say).

With her tongue sticking out, she makes me think of the song, "My Funny Valentine" as sung by Frank Sinatra.

Our neighbors come over to play quiet often, the kids always have a lot of fun together.

Our neighbors brought over Valentine chocolate and my girl loves chocolate, what can I say? She's a woman after my own heart, lol!

We were at Jo-Anne's Fabrics and Evie saw this poor little Valentine puppy sitting all alone on the shelf, she gave him some pretend food and then picked him up and kissed him. I knew we'd have to bring him home with us.

She lines up the letters straight and right side up! So smart!

Evie loves Mook so much, this photo was taken right after she kissed him at the same time he was sniffing her nose -- wish i could have gotten that on camera!

Eric is intrigued with shadow play.

Scott's new truck! I am so proud to say I talked the lady down an extra $500!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Nap time in brother's bed.

Eric's teacher, Mrs. Melissa, and Eric's friend, Mahann.

You brought a WHAT into the house?!?

My Precious Princess Puddin' Pie, she is so beautiful in hats!

Our future architect at Toddler Time. This girl loves to build and she can build them taller than herself. At one point, I was holding her up so she could continue building! We even had another little girl come over and build a mini stair case to help Evie so she could climb up and build her building higher, lol!

Spring is in the air!

Tubby Time! (I love the way the water looks splashing out of the starfish)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Evie is 1 year, 11 months and 1 week old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 75

I cleaned out the backseat of the car today and could not believe the number of goldfish on Evie’s side of the car! Here I thought she was eating them, but apparently many 1000s of them missed her mouth (or more than likely, she was just pouring them onto the floor to watch them fall), lol!

snuggle time!

they literally fight over his lap, lol!

look at that little naughty face, lol!

Eric took this picture of me, we were blowing bubbles in the bathroom, lol!

it was a lot of fun!

Now you see why I want to get him a camera for his birthday.

Evie at Toddler Time doing the scarf dance with her teacher Mrs. Shalice.

Evie at Toddler Time playing on the computer.

Eric at speech therapy, saying CHEESE!

Baby blues

Banana chocolate chip muffins are delicious, even T-Rexs like them!

Evies like them too, lol!

I can't wait until he wants to do the dishes in the big kitchen, lol!

I made valentine's for Eric's class.

I also made this little valentine holder.

Decorating valentine cookies!

they are delicious!!!

now, its harmonica time!

everyone gets a turn!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Evie is 1 year, 10 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 168

I was changing one of Evie’s stinky diapers and she tried to sit up, I asked her to lay down and she said, “this is gross!”  I almost fell over laughing!!!

We were in the car driving to Eric’s speech therapy session and he said, “Mom, I want to sing to you.” and I said, “You do? Ok, that would be great!” and he said, “First, I sing the alphabet” then he sang the entire alphabet song! He got all the letters correct, in order and the tune was flawless. The ending part of the song “next time won’t you sing with me” was a bit garbled, but also there and in tune!  :) He has never sung, I think speech therapy is paying off!

Evie’s latest trick is to take her shoes off while strapped into her carseat and then try to open the door with her foot, she is amazingly agile and her fine motor skills are excellent, lol! Thank goodness for the child-safe locking system inside the back doors, so she has no chance of actually getting the door open while I'm driving!

Evie went into my bathroom, this is not a place she is supposed to go and she knows this. Eric saw her and yelled, “Evie, leave this room! Eeeeeevie! I say leave this room!!!! *sigh* this is hard work.”  LOL!

Evie has started sleeping on her back, two nights in a row now. :)

We went to the Sacramento Children's Museum again, this time with Kellie and her daughter, Savanna. We had to wait in a very long line, so we played at the nearby park for a while.

The park had a skateboard ramp. Even tho we didn't have a skateboard, Eric found a good use for the ramp, lol!

The park also had this amazing web area to climb around in!

Eric found some rocks to climb and noticed that the rocks had fossils in them! (whoever created the park had some sort of fossil stamp, and stamped it into the concrete rock while it was still wet.)

Evie was good at climbing too! Yikes, that girl has no fear!!! But I have enough for the both of us!!!

Down the slide from Dada's arms into Mama's arms. Wow that slide was FAST!

Finally it was time to enjoy the museum!

The museum also had Zumba for the kids, here is a video of Eric doing Zumba (click the photo to be taken to another site to watch the video)

And here is Evie doing Zumba (click the photo to be taken to another site to watch the video)

It was good that I brought a change of clothes, the museum was a lot of fun and a bit messy, lol. Into their jammies they went and then almost immediately off to dream land, lol!