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Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 35: Aug 27 - Sept 2, 2013

Photos taken: 58

Aug 27: what a whirlwind of a few weeks, new schools, eating lunch at school for both kids, new bedtimes and wake-up times, whew, I think we made it, lol! Apparently, from what i've read online, it's called 'the new normal' LOL!
Here's an excerpt: It took Eric and I a while to figure out lunches, because lunch boxes don't come with a thermos like when I was a kid. So you have to try to figure out what to do. So I gave him a thermos thing I bought at the store and he said all the kids made fun of him because it was shaped (at the top) like a baby bottle. honestly, it doesn't look anything like a bottle, it has a straw at the top and a closure lid, but whatever, he will never drink out of that again. So the next day I gave him a water bottle. He told me he threw it away without even opening it because he doesn't want water for lunch. I asked him not throw anything away because I was afraid he would throw away his lunchbox or sandwich container, etc. So then I went and bought two different flavors of juice boxes. The first day I gave him one and he said he took 1 taste and threw it away because he didn't like it. The same thing happened the next day with the new flavor. So then i got a water bottle and filled it full of the juice he likes. When he came home, there was no water bottle. apparently he threw it away. I asked him to please not throw anything away. So the next day I got the last water bottle in the house, filled it with juice and reminded him not to throw it away. He threw away just the lid. Luckily I had a spare lid. So the next day I filled it with juice and reminded him not to throw it away. This time he came home with a dripping backpack -- he didn't throw the juice away, but he didn't drink it all either and didn't put the lid on the bottle. So we came home and practiced closing the lid and talked about not throwing anything away and the next day I filled the bottle with 2 oz of juice. He was able to drink it all, didn't throw anything away, and his backpack was dry, woo hoo! 

Sept 2: Eric and Evie are playing the Stars Wars Lego game on the XBox and Eric says, "Evie, make your R2 follow mine." Evie (who is not quite an expert at the controls just yet) says, "But my R2 can't follow, Dee Dee!"

Sept 2: Eric starts soccer today, his first game is this weekend and because our neighbors are the coaches (and will be out of town) they have asked us to coach the very first game of the season, hand out all the jerseys, and provide snack! It was a great game, everyone had fun, and we won!!!