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Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's a fetus!

My tummy still doesn't feel good and things smell stronger than ever and not in a good way. I'm very limited in what I can eat or even be around. I have lost 12 pounds so far. Being pregnant is the best weight loss program I have ever been on! :(

A friend of a friend suggested I take B6 and unisom 3 times a day, I checked with my doctor and was given the green light (and appropriate dosages). This seems to help a bit if only intermittently. But I REALLY appreciated the advice!

The baby is about the size of a kumquat and is beginning it's fetal period. All organs necessary to sustain life are formed. Tiny nails are forming on fingers and toes (no more webbing)! And the baby's limbs can bend now! I can't wait for the next ultrasound!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Preggy Pops

I am 9 weeks pregnant today! My morning sickness is still off the charts, but I am keeping it under better control with the advice of my doctor. My last visit at the Fertility Center was the official last visit. I have to find my own OBGYN now.

I read online that the baby is nearly an inch long now, is about the size of a grape, and weighs just a fraction of an ounce!

Many thanks to Katie who is sending me some preggy pops to help keep my morning sickness under a bit more control!

Friday, October 12, 2007

8 weeks! (Month 2)

I have continued to have morning sickness all day long, not sure why they limit the name to morning time only, its quite the misnomer. I have lost 10 pounds with all the nausea. We went to the doctor today and she said as long as I am able to keep something down every once in a while, it will be okay. We got to see the baby who is now the size of a coffee bean and HEAR the heartbeat!!! It was amazing - 155 beats per minute!!! They also printed pictures for us - very cool!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gross & Cute!

I spent Tuesday night puking my guts out. Most everything smells disgusting and I can’t really eat most foods. I can’t stand the thought of any meat products or anything greasy or oily or even containing oil. On the bright side, my online calendar says that buds on the ends of my embryo’s arms and legs grow into webs that will become fingers and toes – so cute!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Confusion with a capitol C!

Today we went to the doctor. It turns out I have been counting my weeks of pregnancy wrong. I have been counting since my IUI, but most people and doctors count from the last cycle day (because most people don’t know their exact date of conception like I do). So instead of being 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I am really considered 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant, even though the child has only been in existence for 4 weeks. Confused yet? I am.

Anyway, while at the doctor I had an intra-vaginal ultrasound and the doctor said he saw one definite heart beat. He thought he might see something else but it was too early to tell and that we should come back in 2 weeks so he can see what’s really going on. Seeing the embryo’s (which is the size of a grain of rice) heart beating was just amazing! It’s no wonder I feel so sick, there’s a little being in there creating it’s brain and stuff!