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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eric is five weeks old!

This week I was contemplating my pregnancy and realizing how individulized it really is for each person. It's odd that it isn't like the flu where once you get it your symptoms are the same as anyone else who gets the flu. It's strange to me that I never got food cravings, that my water broke before I ever had a contraction, that I never had braxton hicks, that my morning sickness was 24 hours a day for 5 months, that I never had food cravings, that my belly button never popped out, etc.

Also this week, it is apparent to me that the bones in Eric's head are shifting (perhaps recovering more prominently this week from the trip down the birth canal), the shape of his face is changing! And his eyelashes are getting even longer (if that's possible!!!) soon they will be too long for him to keep his eyelids open!

photo courtesy of TonyG Photography

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