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Friday, September 19, 2008

Eric is 4 months old!

Time for shots again. :( This time we got bugs bunny band-aids! Eric is getting really good at laughing now; and we are getting really good at figuring out what makes him laugh, although it doesn't always work every time. The Dr says Eric is very flexible as he is now able to get those little piggies in his mouth - ew! The Dr also said we can start feeding Eric rice cereal mixed with breast milk. He is so ready, he watches everything Scott and I put in our mouths and opens his own mouth as we open ours to put the food in! Eric's eyes are still as blue as the day he was born and his eyelashes are still longer than his hair!
His stats at this Dr visit: 13.15 pounds and 25 inches long!


Anonymous said...

He is adorable. Glad you are starting the cereal. He was ready a month ago!

Anonymous said...

Dear Annmarie,

Thanks very much for the update on that beautiful little baby. He is something special.

Love to all of you,
Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie