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Monday, May 25, 2009

Eric is 1 year and 1 week old!

We are officially in size 4 diapers! YIKES!!!

Bailey ate one of Eric's toys. The toy had glitter in it. Hub picked up Bailey's "leavings" and had to bring it to me so I could see the prettiest dog leavings ever, lol!

Eric has been copying words we say, this week he said "grandpa" and "hello!"

We had our 1 year doctor visit this week. Eric got 2 shots and some blood taken, he was very brave. He got Taz band-aids!

This is the last time in his infant car seat, he is 20.14 pounds now and 29.5 cm tall. He has to move into the big boy carseat!

We had a playdate with Kellie and her kiddos, she brought more birthday presents for Eric! Thank you Kellie!

Savanna was super sweet and helped Eric with whatever he needed.


Krystil said...

lmbo!!!! that is crazy funny about the leavings!!!

Lori said...

lol! Thanks for the laugh.

Jeannette said...

Scott, thanks for sharing with Anmarie so that she cold post this GREAT story!

Jennifer C said...

hilarious! my son ate ear plugs when he was about two. i had to wait for those to come out in the wash so to speak : )