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Monday, June 8, 2009

Eric is 1 year and 3 weeks old!

We watched how the sanitation engineer runs his truck. Usually Eric is scared of loud noises, but the garbage truck was way too cool to be scared of. We sat in the window and watched as all 3 sanitation engineers (waste, recycle, and yard clippings) used their trucks to empty the bins all down the street!

This week Eric tried peanut butter for the first time - thank heavens he isn't allergic to it because this boy LOVES peanut butter!!!

Eric has been copying words we say, this week he said "tickle tickle!"

Right after Eric was born, we planted this palm tree for him in the backyard. Here he is in his lifeguarding outfit with hat and sunglasses and his palm!

He fell asleep with his stuffed dog - it's a picture moment because he has NEVER picked out a stuffed animal to sleep with!

Eric loves to dance, he dances anytime there is music, even during commercials!

Speaking of loving music, here is his first harmonica lesson!

Eric has discovered that Bailey knows how to play keep-away!

(as of June 9th, we are officially weened!)

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