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Monday, August 31, 2009

Eric is 1 year and 3 months and 2 weeks old!

This week Eric is doing a lot better eating those big boy foods again. After all 4 molars came in at the same time, he didn't want much to do with eating at all, but each day he is discovering something yummy and new!

Today is Bailey's birthday! He is 2 years old! He had a birthday hat and balloons and got new fun toys!

Hey, Bailey, I have a great idea, let's throw this good potting soil into the wind and see what happens!

Isn't it funny how the cutest pictures come from things we'd rather they not do? Needless, to say, when he came in, he got straight into the bathtub, lol!


Grandpa Bill said...

Happy Birthday to Bailey from Grandma and Grandpa ! 2 years and going great!

Gran and Papa Steve said...

Thanks Anmarie.

Cute pictures of the birthday puppy and his little buddy. At least you could just "hose-off" Bailey.... :-)


Kathy and Dave said...

OH, Bailey, you are so adorable. You still look just like Patty even though I know you are smaller (Patty weighs 29 #s). You are so cute and I love your b'day hat and balloon. Great idea for Lucy who turns 11 on 10/2 and Patty on 9/25. It will be while we are in Oregon.

Your on-line pix are great, Anmarie. Really helps see how everyone is growing but I don't see you guys in the pix!

We'll have to do another beagle day.