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Monday, November 23, 2009

Eric is 1 year and 6 months! (18 months!)

Eric turned 1 and a half on Nov 19th! His new things is putting Scott's shoes on and trying to walk around. He really likes it when Scott takes Bailey for a walk each night and takes Eric along in the stroller. Eric always wants to go outside!

Putting on shoes means going outside, so Eric will put on whatever shoes he can find!

He was able to get these on all by himself and walk around in them pretty well, lol!

Since Eric turned one and a half on Nov 19, I got him this little red and white soccer ball as a little treat. I put it in with some of his other toys so it would be a surprise new toy... you can see how much he enjoyed it :(

Who wants a crumby old soccer ball when you can play with the much more fun and exciting toys from Grandma???

Scott got an early Christmas present from his parents! Thanks Mom & Steve!!!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner, pic 1 (gravy, cheesy mashed potatoes, turkey breast, and peas with a dollop of butter)

Our Thanksgiving Dinner, pic 2 (stuffing and sweet potatoes)

This scrapbook layout was part of an online contest I entered and won! :) The picture is Thanksgiving at Grandma Linda and Grandpas Bill's house, Grandpa Jim was there too! Stay tuned next week for Thanksgiving pix at Gran and Papa's house with Uncle David and Cousin Ashley! :)

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