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Monday, December 7, 2009

Eric is 1 year, 6 months, and 2 weeks old!

I went to the Dr. today, Evie is growing well, her heart rate is 163 beats per minute.

We went for a walk and took in all of Mother Nature's beauty, just look at all those trees - what great colors! (Eric is pointing to the birds as they fly by tweeting!)

I just couldn't resist making a scrapbook layout with these great pix & colors! The journaling tag says, "We took a walk this crisp Fall morning to look at all of Mother Nature’s beauty - the trees & leaves are gorgeous, and Eric just loved all the birds flittering about. His little flannel shirt and cordoroy pants make me smile."

Grandma Linda took us to the mall and oh what fun there was to be had! Eric ran up and down the entire Mall several times while we ran after him! He stopped for a second to push all 11 of these strollers with one hand!

There was a cool tractor slide.

They had Farmer Mac's Truck...

and Farmer Mac's Truck had Foghorn Leghorn riding in the back!

The kiddie coaster ride was somewhat jerking and not so much fun...

but the jeep was pretty cool!

The bus was the best thing EVER! It had tons of buttons to push and flashing lights!

ok, ok, so the bag originally said "See's Candy" - I just couldn't resist! ;>

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