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Monday, April 26, 2010

Eric is 1 year and 11 months old, and Evie is 1 month old!

Evie's Timeline:
* On March 24, 2010, Evie was born at 11:56pm
* On March 27, we were released from the hospital
* On April 6th, Evie's umbillical cord fell off
* On April 6th, Evie had her first big girl bath in the baby tub in the sink (no more sponge baths now that the umbillical cord is off!)
* On April 7, Evie had her first doctor's appointment
* On April 11th, Evie started using size 1 diapers (she just couldn't fit into the newborn diapers anymore!) And Eric is now in size 6 diapers!
* On April 12th, Evie started holding her head up a little bit
* On April 21st, Evie could no longer squeeze into newborn onesies!
* On April 24th, Evie was exactly 1 month old!

This was so cute, Scott was making kissing noises at Evie and she picked her head up towards the noise, it looked like she was kissing her Daddy!!!

Cutest tushy EVER!

Check out Eric's Iron Hawk shirt! Adding daddy's hat to the ensemble makes it complete! (I didn't photoshop this picture except to crop it, just look at his eyes!)

1... 2... 3... Fly like a helicopter!!!


Gran and Papa said...

OMG, the pix are too cute. I hope you have half as much fun putting all this together as we have looking at it.....

Thanks for your "Super-Mommy" efforts!


Heather said...

oh gees, just don't start callin her marshmallow butt... and no pinching either!

Ashley Acuff said...

Anmarie, your kids are too cute!! I love the pic of Eric at the hospital with his mouth all open by Evie's bed!