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Monday, June 21, 2010

Evie is 2 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 2 years old!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Eric got his 2 year old shots. He did very good - he actually cried harder when I told him to stop playing with the door knob, than he did when he got the shot, lol!

On June 17th Eric said "tickle tickle" and on June 20th he said "goat!" He is also getting the hang of taking his clothes and diaper off without any help, lol!

Earlier this week, Eric locked me in the garage. I went to get his stroller and he fiddled with the deadbolt just enuf so I couldn't get the door back open. Thankfully I was able to get to the extra key - phew!

Happy Flag Day on June 14th!

Happy Father's Day!!! Her shirt says, "Daddy loves me!"

Happy Father's Day!!!

Eric loves the playground!

There is so much space to run and play!

Auntie came to visit!

She brought Eric a new red truck!

This is the first time Evie has met her Auntie!

Auntie brought this cute kitty outfit for Evie!

Evie is learning all kinds of things from her brother!

Evie loves her new pink swing! Her outfit even matches her swing!

Our pretty princess in purple!

Tiny baby tea roses, for our tiny baby - so elegant!


Auntie Heather said...


evies smile is really pretty :)

love the hawaiian shirts too.

Gramma Linda said...

The pic of Auntie Heather and Evie is great. It looks like Evie is smiling because she is soooo happy to finally meet her Auntie Heather!
Wow, she already is rolling over on her side. Looks like she is smart like her Auntie Heather too.