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Monday, July 19, 2010

Evie is 3 months and three weeks old; Eric is 2 years old!

This week Eric said Moma and actually meant ME!!! He knows my name is Moma, if you ask him where Moma is he will point to me and say, "there she is" but he has never called me Moma until this week! I am so excited!!!

Eric always looks thru Dada's pockets, but now he has pockets of his own to look thru! (yesterday Scott said he saw Eric just standing in the livingroom with his hand in his pocket exactly the way Dada does it!)

Eric got his first helicopter!

We all know how much Eric loves his water table, so Scott bought him some water toys that are tiny little circles which 'grow' in the water to become sponge animals, what fun! Here you can see the red monkey and the green emu.

And besides the water table, bath time is the next most fun activity! This boy is a fish!

This is colored hair gel. It smells wonderful, teaches Eric about colors and textures, lets Eric practice fine and gross motor skills, and is super fun all at the same time!

Show me the colors on your hand! ooooooh!

Let's see what interesting art you have created! what a beautiful masterpiece!

Eric is my little helper. Here, he is helping with the groceries. He is able to pick up this entire pack of soda and take it from the living room all the way to the kitchen! (keep in mind, he only weighs 30 pounds and this soda is probably upwards of 15!) I like the final picture where he looks as tho he has beaten the soda and put one foot on it to show victory!

We have been very fortunate to have people buying or giving us clothes for Evie. This is one of the very few outfits I was able to pick out for her. I adore the pink and brown with swirls and glitter, and a few little hearts here and there, and a little leopard print!

Someone has discovered her toes!

Our littlest Love Bug

It's hard to see, but these jammies have a baby giraff and a moma giraff on the side, so cute!

Amongst the flowers and butterflies, you can find the words "pretty, pretty." Evie has started also discovered her fingers.

Pink with polka dots and flowers - super cute!

Our little Princess

1 comment:

Gramma Linda said...

It looks like Evie just loves her new little pink and brown outfit. She has such a cute smile and looks so happy to be in her new outfit. What a beautiful pic of Evie holding her toes.
Eric is really getting to be a pro at finger painting. The most handsome little boy ever!

Anmarie you have excellent photography skills. You have lots of gorgeous pictures.