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Monday, October 18, 2010

Evie is 6 months and three weeks old; Eric is 2 years old!

Eric's school went to the pumpkin patch! Dada took the day off from work to join us! The pumpkin patch was at a local high school and was put on by the FFA kids. They did a great job! Along with all the animals, there were several activity stations where kids could make projects or play games!

First we decorated goodie bags!

Then Eric's favorite part of the day was petting the animals!

He would get right up in the sheep's face and say, "Baa Baa!" It was SOOOO cute!

But most of all Eric loved the chickens. He would look them in the eye and say, "Bok Bok!"

Just look at the pure joy on his face!

That boy LOVES chickens! On the way home, Scott jokingly suggested we get Eric a pet chicken, HAHAHA!

They had a cookie decorating station. The girl gave Eric a cookie and when she went to get him some frosting he started to eat the cookie, lol! Then she gave him the frosting and he licked it off the stick, haha! Finally, with a little help from Dada, Eric got his cookie frosted and as the girl put sprinkles on, Eric's classmate wandered over to decorate his own cookie.

Evie made a walnut necklace, it wasn't supposed to be for eating...

Eric made a 'feather' headdress

Eric kept throwing the pumpkins, I think he thought they were balls, so we went over to the ball throwing station and what does he do with the ball? He walks over and stands it on top of the milk bottles instead of throwing it and knocking the milk bottles down, lol!

The object of this game was to throw a ball into a jar, it was REALLY hard. Eric ended up walking super close to the table and placing the ball into a jar, lol!

There was a dart game where the object was to hit a balloon with a dart, but giving a 2-year old a handful of darts... well, let's just say I asked the girl for a balloon "to go" instead.

Evie liked the pumpkin patch too! Her skeleton costume glows in the dark!

We ended the day by picking out the perfect pumpkins!

I had to make a digital scrapbook layout for this awesome pic, then I made an entire digital scrapbook kit and am currently selling it in my store, check it out HERE. (if you are interested in owning the kit, I know someone who can get you a really deep discount, lol!)


Jim said...

Why does Scott wear two different hats on the same day at the same place?
Great pictures, I am sure it brought back memories of Scott's youth in Junction city.

Auntie Heather said...

Eric is totally making a dad face in the Bok Bok picture!

Cute scrappy page too!