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Monday, April 18, 2011

Evie is 1 year and three weeks old; Eric is 2 and three-quarters years old!

This week, Evie has started saying uh oh, its super cute!

I loved these photos from McBean Park so much I put them together into one 4x6 image.

Eric loves elephants! Here he is at school making an elephant sound - check out that face!

Eric and Dada on a walk, Eric has really gotten the hang of pedeling his bike!

Eric took Bailey's bed and blanket outside and laid down and covered himself up, lol!

My good little helper, I should get him a real one!

Eric is having a lot of fun with his Vtech V.Smile TV Learning System. It was a Christmas gift that came with a bunch of learning games and he is really getting into it lately!

McDonald's Play Place is super fun and while we were there our neighbors dropped by - fun!

Evie had fun too!

She liked the big blue things.

Dada got to play too.

Dada keeps saying this is Eric's motorcycle... *sigh*

Eric's school put on a little faire and Eric got to play on the kindergarden playground - WOO HOO!

Eric has been wanting to play on that playground that for ages but is not allowed to. This time he was allowed to and LOVED it!

Check out the big kid slide, it's huge!

Evie had fun on the playground too!

Most of the playground was too big for her, but not this part!

Also at the faire, they had a school bus and fire engine that the kids were allowed to check out!

Eric really enjoyed this! He wanted to push all the buttons and got to sit in the driver's seat, it was amazing!

Going on a walk with Dada and Bailey

Got water?

Snuggle time with Dada

How cute is this?

It's the flapper look, lol!

Classic black, white, and red - so cute!


Papa Steve said...

Oh! Snuggle time with Dada is just the greatest!


ashley said...

Oh my gosh that picture of Evie in the tunnel cracks me up. Her face is so determined haha. She's walking with a purpose! That's so cool about the faire at the school, I love things like that where there's things I am interested in too. And OH NO not Eric's motorcycle. My brother just bought his first motorcycle and I think my mom is going to need to dye the grey out of her hair more often now haha.

Auntie Heather said...

scott's hair looks so superman-esque in the snuggle time photo! WOOHOO!!!

Auntie Heather said...

and btw, didn't that used to be MY motorcycle?!?!? my long lost PUT PUT, you have a new suitor!