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Monday, June 13, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 2 months, and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Evie has been walking around the house saying, "D'oh, d'oh, d'oh!" Dada has taught her how to be Homer Simpson!

When she smiles now, she is wrinkling up her nose -- super cute!

Brother's tent is the perfect spot for a super secret tea party!

Cuddling with Dada

"What's out there, Mook? I wanna see!"

love Love LOVE this cupcake shirt!

I tell Eric we have to go down 'his' aisle, lol! (notice how both mouths are full of goldfish crackers, lol!)


I wish I had taken this pic for Mother's Day!

Here's the Father's Day version!

Fly Boy!

The mama duck is kissing the baby duck!


Eric flew this kite 300 feet in the air, at one point he turned around to show us and smile and he let go with one hand, we all jumped for the string thinking he was about to either loose the kite forever or become air borne!

Evie wants to fly kites too.

She also thinks kites are cool!

1 comment:

Auntie Heather said...

YAY! A Mook sighting!
Love the last pic of Evie looking at Scott and the kite... she looks SOOO tiny!!!