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Monday, December 26, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 9 months and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 250

Merry Christmas!

Our tree! :)

Home made Christmas goodies!

Our annual Christmas family photo.

For Grampa Bill

You can see hurricane Evelyn has leveled some of the town :(

Evie is wearing her most favorite shoes to open presents.

Evie is my favorite little gift, lol!

Eric got some new dinos for Christmas and he decided they all needed a nap, so I gave him some napkins to use as blankets, soon the entire sofa was covered with sleeping dinos, lol!

Our neighbors brought over Christmas gifts for both kids and also brought their radio with a CD of Christmas music; they plugged it in so my kids could listen to Christmas music while unwrapping their presents!

They got Eric this amazing dragon castle which came with several action figures and accessories including a DVD with some 'shorts' that show this toy and some of the other toys and how if the action figures came to life, how they would interact with the toys. Eric watches it over and over again, lol, he loves it! They also got him dinosaur PJs. Evie is pretty fond of the castle too. :) But she got her own gifts including a dish set, minnie mouse PJs, a rubber ducky water spout guard for the bathtub, and a draw in the tub crayon set!

Eric was so very excited to learn about what a 'cousin' is, and meeting Corey and Matt made cousins an even more enjoyable concept, lol!

Cousins who will play with you...

help you out...

give you piggy-back rides...

pretend to be a dinosaur eating fish out of the stream...

and best of all, play dino figurines, are the most amazing cousins anyone could ever wish for!

Matt and Corey were so good with the kids and they all had a lot of fun together. We can't wait for them to visit us again!

Eric's school put on a Winter Recital. All of our family joined us including Corey and Matt!

Eric was sitting in a chair very close to us, but was told to get up, so he did. Then when he tried to sit down again, there were no more chairs available, so he ended up sitting on the floor on the other side of the room from where we were. We couldn't see him at all during the entire recital. I had to get up and walk behind the audience to the other side of the room to get a picture. Scott stood on a chair in the back with the video camera.

After the recital I got a picture of him in one of the chairs he was supposed to be sitting in. He got cookie, so all was right with the world, lol!

Then after everything was over, there were pictures with Santa, but it was late and everyone was tired and cranky. Neither Eric nor Evie wanted anything to do with Santa and I could barely even get them to sit in my lap nearby Santa. I hope Santa wasn't too offended!

The Christmas gifts I made for Eric's teachers were sun dried tomatoes and rosemary from our garden in extra virgin olive oil, and for the director of the school (a self-proclaimed 'jelly guy'), home made pomegranate jelly.

Papa Steve's new Christmas train!

Evie gives Gran a present to open. It's a custom calendar I made using my digital scrapbooking kits and pix of the kids.

Evie wearing all of her and Eric's Christmas gifts, lol!

"This is the best one, Papa!" she explains.

This big bunny rabbit was Bailey's Christmas gift. Mook got kitty treats and a new scratching post.

Have I mentioned that Evie likes hats? lol! She even put on Eric's new dino bike helmet!

They both love the fishing pole, its a super dangerous weapon that pokes me in the eye and can pull things down off very tall shelves, but these are just a few of the many reasons the kids both love it, lol! Mook likes it too and the kids have a blast swinging it in front of Mook as he bats at it!

Robot T-Rex!!!

This is the last night Eric slept in his converted toddler bed...

because for Christmas he got a big boy bed!

And a few other things, lol!

Even after all the new toys and a wonderful Christmas, Eric wakes up at 1am crying, telling me he can’t find T-Roar. I ran to the toy bin and got T-Roar, Dromie, Mean Roar, and then asked if he wanted Momma Tri-eeh-eeh and he said, “Yes.” I tucked him in bed with his dinos and before I had the blanket all spread out he was asleep hugging all 4 dinos.

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