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Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 21: 2013

Photos taken: 94

May 21: The Lego Truth: once you have legos, they can never ever be put away. What I mean is, I spend hours sometimes putting all the legos back into their container. I literally find them all over the house. And once I think I have them all, i put the container away. Usually, not 30 minutes goes by before i step on one, and man do those things hurt!!! I put it away, but i know its not the only one. I can feel them hiding from me, laughing, mocking me, ready to jump out of their hiding places and right under where my foot is about to land. This goes on for days until one of the kids asks to get the legos out again. AUGH!

May 22: Eric took this cute photo of Evie...

May 23: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Diamond Jaxx.

May 25: Eric's bday party had to be today because none of the grandparents could all make it on his actual bday.

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