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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 10: 2013

Photos taken: 41

March 7: just got done registering Eric for kindergarten, the kids were so naughty in the office i didn't have time to feel sad that my baby is growing up. the office lady gave them markers, so evie colored on her hands and the walls. they were both jumping all over the place and standing on the chairs, Eric was being a transformer or beastwar guy, i'm not sure, it was awful. but the lady told me i had to stay there to fill out the paperwork, so everyone in the office got to deal with the consequences on that one.

March 9: I went to a scrapbooking crop from 6pm to midnight. I have never been to one at this store before but i went because it was their last one ever (the store is closing down). i was a bit nervous at first because i didn't know anyone, but everyone was really nice and there were snacks and prizes (and i won one!) and I asked if anyone might be interested in meeting after the store closes to crop and got an overwhelming response! I was so excited!!!

March 11: Eric started T-ball today! he had his first practice. it took a lot out of him, he was in bed EARLY and had trouble getting up for school in the morning!

Eric took this photo of StarScream, his favorite transformer...

These are my photos of the week: 

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