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Monday, October 6, 2008

Eric is eighteen weeks old! (4 months and 2 weeks)

This week we tried carrots. At first Eric looked at me like, "Um, Mom, there is something really wrong with these sweet potatoes..." then after a few spoonfuls he seemed to be looking as if to say, "Oh, I get it, these aren't sweet potatoes... Carrots you say? These are the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!!!" After the carrots and cereal were all gone, he screamed for more - just wait until he tastes applesauce! LOL! Thankfully we have a good eater on our hands, but yikes what a mess he makes!

1 comment:

Gramma Linda said...

If you think carrots are the best thing you ever put in your mouth, wait till you find out what your mom's favorite was at about your age... ICE CREAM! I wonder if you will scream as loud and as long as your mom did when the ice cream was all gone.
Love you,
Gramma Linda