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Monday, December 22, 2008

Eric is 7 months & 1 week old!

This week Eric's first tooth popped thru! It's his bottom left tooth! Now that he has teeth (or should I say, tooth?) we bought him some veggie puffs. They are sorta like cherrios but better ingredients and made with vegetables instead of oats, I picked sweet potato (since they didn't have carrot). Eric thinks they are strange. He won't put them in his mouth, he picks them up and plays with them, but they don't look like his other food, lol! I will eat something and after I put my food in my mouth, I put his veggie puff in his mouth. He makes the most horrid face, like there is hard cardboard in his mouth, but I think he is starting to realize that it's food.

This week Eric has started using my throat as arm leverage so he can turn his body most of the way around as I carry him around the house, he wants to see where we are going!

Yesterday, in the middle of an activity, he stopped, looked at me and said, "yee-ing-u!" then went back to what he was doing. I'm not sure what he was trying to tell me, but it sure was cute!

This week I noticed he has also started to scootch around while in a sitting position. He sort of jumps up and ever-so-slightly forward. It doesn't get him anywhere very fast or far, but it seems to be lots of fun!

The first picture below is Eric's first tooth, the second picture is him tasting veggie puffs, the third picture is Eric featuring my favorite character from Suzy's Zoo... Witzy! Including the quilt I made for Eric, a blanket Twanda made (thank you!), the outfit and crib sheet from Grandma Linda (thank you!), and a book about Witzy's blocks I have. The last two are Christmas pix including mini santa and bare skin baby on a bear skin rug! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

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