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Monday, December 8, 2008

Eric is twenty-seven weeks old! (6 months and 3 weeks)

This week Eric found a new favorite sleeping postion - with his little butt in the air!!! He also took his first bath in the big boy bathtub and loved it! I was so relieved since he doesn't like the baby bathtub that fits in the kitchen sink. (how cute is that little bare tush?!?!?!?!)

He is also fascinated by the carpeting, he will just sit and pet it - I remember doing something similar (when I was a bit older) at my grandfather's house with his thick green shag carpeting (I could write my name!) Other super fun things this week are trying to hang upside down, and playing peek-a-boo, as well as "what's that sound?"

Now, as I walk (with Eric in my arms) he places his hand on my neck for leverage to postion himself so he can see where we are going. Sitting can be a form of forward motion too, Eric is able to wiggle forward in a seating position. It doesn't get him very far very fast, but he is definately covering ground!

And the most amazing thing this week, he pulled himself up from sitting to a standing position without any help! I got it on video and will try to put that video on this blog as soon as possible!

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