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Monday, April 27, 2009

Eric is 11 months and 2 weeks old!

This week is rough, we are teething and growing and dealing with allergies. Rubbing ears and general crankiness have become the norm. The doctor says he is too young for allergy medicine, but can use saline nose drops to help wash any pollen out of his nose and can take tylenol for the teething and growing pains.

There are times of laughter however, one is when he sneezes. Every time he sneezes he looks at me and giggles!

He has also started tickling our feet - I guess turnabout is fair play! He is pretty pleased with himself for finding our tickle spots.

He scrunches up his nose when he laughs really hard (also when he eats a big bite of food). And speaking of food, this week we tried pretzels and also some beans, he loves both!

"Sailing, sailing, over the bounding waves..." Let's go travel the world on the open sea! (doesn't it look like he is ready to go right this very minute? lol!)

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