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Monday, April 13, 2009

Eric is 11 months old!

Since those top two teeth have popped through, eating has become a whole new wonderful experience. Eric will now hold a cheerio or fruit puff in his fingers vertically and bite it in half, then set the half down and start again with a new one, lol!

Bath time has recently become a lot more fun. Apparently the allure of the dog's water bowl finally transferred over to the bathtub. Until now, bath time consisted of Eric standing in the shallow water holding onto me (usually around my neck) while I bathed him as quickly as possible while singing to him as a distraction to keep the whining from setting in.

Suddenly, sitting down and splashing in the water is super fun and it's hard for me to get him out of the tub! :)

xylophones are much more fun to drag around the house than to play as a musical instrument!

after dragging that xylophone all over the house, i need a drink!

whoa, its bright out here, good thing i've got my shades!

I'm so cool with my shades!

check me out!

too cool for soccer or the dog!


Uncle Mr Tony said...

Can I eat Him?
Jk! He's getting big or is that just a Camera illusion?

Ashley said...

of course! that's usually what i do with my xylophone. but usually the drinking commenses BEFORE and not after.