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Monday, February 21, 2011

Evie is 10 months and four weeks old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

Eric is now calling Bailey "ruff ruff" but it sounds more like "woo woo." Evie walked 21 steps without falling down on Feb 25!

Now that the weather is getting nicer again, we are trying to take Eric to the park more often, he loves it!

Eric never used to like swinging, but recently it has become lots of fun!

Evie also likes to swing!

Swings are one of Momma's favorites too!

Eric goes down the biggest slide all by himself!

There he goes! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I helped Evie go down the little red slide.

Dada helps her go down the big slide!

I was shocked to watch Eric climb up this ladder thing like it was no big deal!

How cute are these Minnie Mouse overalls?!?!

Little Miss will never be left out of anything, if you stop paying attention to her even for a second she knows just how to get your attention, "Mommmaaaa, I pulled all your books down, now I'm heading over to poke Dada's guitar..."

My girl LOVES cheese! I was shocked while watching an episode of Martha when Martha asked her panel of discussion folks what food they couldn't live without and not one of them said cheese!!!

She's about to be naughty, lol!

Click to watch this video of Evie walking and then crashing into me.

Click to watch this video of Evie walking while using her pink car to balance.

1 comment:

Auntie Heather said...

Evie in the swing is SOOO cute, her big eyes, and lil smile!
doesn't seem to like the slide quite as much... and the cheeeeeese! THATAGirl!
her pre-naughty look is the same as Eric's!
love her face in the vids, she's so proud of her lil self! LOL!