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Monday, February 28, 2011

Evie is 11 months old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

Eric has decided to start calling Mook "meow meow" but it sounds more like "nay nay" when he says it, lol!

Evie is walking better and better everyday! She is even turning corners without falling down now! And today while I was feeding her I noticed she is making some molar-type teeth!!!

Evie and I went outside for a sweet spring photoshoot.

We had to show off the blooming narcissus flowers.

It was a pretend tea party with flowers.

And in the end, the flowers sort of become potpourri, lol.

While helping daddy get the garden ready...

Eric remembered how much fun it is to play outside in the backyard!

I help him make the letter "E" with water on the patio cement.

I'm so glad he remembered! And he is too!

I got him a couple of those punching bag balloons and he really likes them! he does real well punching it as you can see. Then near the end of the video when he stops, I ask him to smile at the camera and he does, lol! What a ham! Click the image to watch the video.


Jim Bowden said...

You are so good at capturing my Grand Children in their day to day fun activities. Keep them coming.

Grand Pa Jim

Gramma Linda said...

I love the blue outfit Evie has on. It really makes her striking blue eyes even more noticeable.

Ashley said...

Evie is BEAUTIFUL! What a sweet face she has. That's so exciting now that she is walking, pretty soon she'll be all over those slides with Eric!

Auntie Heather said...

wow, evie's eyes are sooo blue! but i think the first pic is the best of the photoshoot. :)

SleepingBeautie said...

Thanks everybody!!! :D