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Monday, March 14, 2011

Evie is 11 months and two weeks old; Eric is 2 and three quarters years old!

Eric is counting and uses his fingers to tell me numbers all the way to 10. When he gets to 3, he holds down his pinkie and ring finger with his other hand, its pretty cute, lol!

Eric has started saying, "ow" when someone on tv falls down.

Evie has discovered Eric doesn't eat much and she prefers his food over her own. Yesterday she walked over and stole his peanut butter and honey sandwich and walked away eating it. Eric didn't seem to care!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Eric has decided frogs are pretty cool afterall. He observes closely and when the frog hops away, Eric calls, "HERE, rib-rib!" (short for 'ribbit') and points repeatedly where he would like the frog to return, lol!

On rainy days I try to do something extra fun, this day we did painting. Dada helped a little bit with the first painting.

New Spiderman slippers!!!

Every night, Scott and I tuck Eric into bed. Last night, Eric decided he would tuck his kitty into bed. :)  After he fell asleep I snuck in and took a pic -- just too cute!!!

MOM, I found my JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty pink flowers

Here is a much better pic of the new chompers! This girls says she doesn't care about the front teeth, she wants some molars for chewing!!!

Someone insists she is not ready for bed, but something tells me otherwise... Her jammies are so cute with hearts and elephants.

On March 5, Scott ran the Bidwell Classic half marathon! That's 13.1 miles (about 2 hours) of non-stop running!!!!! I couldn't be there to take a pic, so I have to make do with the pic from the people at supersports.


Papa Steve said...

That little angel in the pink jammies is about as cute as they can get!

I love Eric "tucking-in" his stuffed kitty toy....



Jim Bowden said...

Way to go Scott!! keep training, some day I will join you !!
Kids just keep getting cuter and cuter as they get older. Lover them both so much !!

Auntie Heather said...

The tucking in is SOOO cute! and i like how he tells the frog where he would perfer it to be!