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Monday, July 18, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 3 months, and 3 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Eric has started saying, "Come on!" when he wants to show you something. The last time he told me to 'come on' I told him to wait just a minute and he said, 'why?' That's the first time he has ever asked me 'why' about something!

A fine howdy do to you!

Evie loves her Mook.

We went out for pizza with Gran and Papa Steve, Scott had lots of fun showing Eric how to play video games. Hey, where is Eric anyway?

Well, Evie seems interested!

She even understands you have to drive the game with the steering wheel!

Here's Eric, but he is too busy for video games! Papa Steve bought him Dinosaur Train toys at the train convention! Thank you Papa Steve!!!

Hey, who needs a video game, when you can climb on a chair and play with the salt and pepper?! She was laughing and having such a good time! She even tasted the salt and pepper - yuck!

Ok, play time is over and it's time to get serious! Don't bother me, I'm eating!

He loves these toys! And what boy wouldn't? You just can't go wrong with dinosaurs AND trains! Plus it's a tv show on PBS with lessons and morals!!!

Eric learned how to play hide and go seek on the 14th. We played in the kitchen for over an hour and then in the livingroom too. We would take turns counting to 5 and then looking for the other person. Evie happily sat in her high chair watching us as she ate and giving hints if we needed it. How I wish I had this on video – his very first game of hide and go seek!!

He's the one who originally picked up the picture frame, so I decided to try to get him to put his hands on both sides of it and his head in the middle, but it just wasn't going to happen.

I just bought a new bedroom set (it's green toile), now I'm thinking maybe that wasn't such a good idea, lol!

Here's a video of Evie jumping in Eric's bed - I'm starting to sense a trend! (there's no sound) Click the video to be taken to a new page where the video will play.


Papa Steve said...

Ah yes....

Jumping in the crib and on the bed....I remember it well!

Cute pix!


Gramma Linda said...

The pic of Evie and Mook are cute. I love her smile in the pic of her looking into the camera at our house. The pic of her eating her sandwich is so funny. They are all really cute. Thanks for sending them.

Auntie Heather said...

She's SO happy bouncing on that bed!
And Eric is so funny when he plays hide n seek.