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Monday, July 25, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 4 months old; Eric is 3 years old!

I'm now selling my digital scrapbooking products in 9 stores, plus I am on the admin team for two of those stores and teaching classes in one of them, this is in addition to the work I have been taking on fiverr.com, so the blog has been a bit behind, but I am caught up now and I have a ton of pix and even another video... this one with sound!!!

When Evie does something really cute, I pat her little bottom and tell her she is cute. Today, after I patted it, she patted it too, lol!

Kellie invited us to go to the Splash Park near her house, so we prepared by practicing in the backyard. Eric and Dada ran thru once and then Eric decided he was no longer was interested. And here I am thinking, what happened to the boy who was running thru the sprinklers naked just a few weeks ago?

I figured once we got to the Splash Park, Eric would be fine. I was hoping Evie would be fine too.

She LOVED it and had a great time right from the get go!

Besides her hat and shoes she was slathered in sunscreen and so was Eric. Even tho it was a super hot day and the top of my head got burned, both of them remained a creamy white!

Look at her cute little swimsuit! I brought watering cans to play with in the water, they were a big hit with all the kids at the splash park!

The water would turn on and off and Evie was fascinated!

She stood on the water too!

Eric found a new friend (Aiden) by the sand diggers. Aiden was much more interesting than the water portion of the park.

This park was huge and Eric was so excited to play in a new park with a new friend!

They held hands and ran to each portion of the playground talking and laughing and helping each other climb and explore.

Eventually Aiden got hot and tired and went to find his Momma to get a drink. Eric tried relentlessly to get Aiden to stand up and play. Finally, I had to pursuade Eric with some juice of his own and once he got done with his juice he decided the water looked like fun after all!

Here's a video of when Eric finally decided to join us in the water! It has sound and everything!!! (click on it and you will be taken to a new page which will play the video) then come back here for more pix.

Happy Birthday, Grampa Bill!

Your cake looks delicious... Yup, it is!

Silly faces were exchanged at the dinner table!

"a green roar-roar and a blue roar-roar and..."

...lots of other good stuff too!

She is so smart!

Birthday parties are so much fun!

At some point I started to wonder if the thought it was HIS birthday, lol!

So many fun new toys!

And don't forget the delicious cake!


Gramma Linda said...

Looks like Eric really enjoyed the cake.

Auntie Heather said...

She's so cute in her close up next to the fountain.
Oh yes, the famous hands in the frosting episode as it will be called... Gramma Linda and her irresistible cake!