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Monday, November 28, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 8 months and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3.5 years old!

Photos taken this week: 155

Eric sleeps in his big boy bed now, so he now thinks he has the freedom to get up at 2am and eat goldfish crackers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bailey wants the Thanksgiving scraps, lol!

Eric's school put on a Thanksgiving feast so I made a 'turkey' for him to take.

Eric got to help chop celery for the stuffing!

Here's the feast! Eric is sitting next to his friend Jacob (to Eric's left).

Evie was also invited to the feast! She really made herself at home by playing with all the toys (she liked Mr. Potato Head and the cash register) and by color a picture of a turkey!

Eric's personal feast consisted of cookies, rolls, and a juice box, lol!

Here he is playing with his friends after the feast.

Eric and I are watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Evie really likes the parade too!

Evie just loves kitty cats and Callie loves to be pet, its a win-win situation that seems to be fun for Uncle Ken too!  :)

The beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table with custom made name cards by yours truly.

The 24th is Heather's birthday, I got her this super cute bowl set she was wanting.

Apparently I did good with the bowl set, lol!

Scott made peanut butter pie and it was really delicious! David is really looking forward to it too!

Papa Steve shows the kids how to use the drum pad.

It's ever so much fun!

Even Gran helps!

Then it's the dinosaur's turn, lol!

Evie loves adding accessories to her outfits, hats are one of her favorites.

Gran and Papa had a fort, complete with dinosaurs and teddy bears!

The next day we took Heather out for pizza at the pizza place with the kid zone! There were a lot of fun toys there for the kids, they had a blast in the fire truck...

and Eric loved the ball pit!

The ball pit was connected to a slide...

and next to that was a merry-go-round. but it didn't work so Auntie Heather pushed it around and the kids thought that was great!

Auntie Heather is so much fun!

Not the best photo of either of us, but the sentiment is there just the same.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

What nice pictures of you and your sister! And I love how you watched the parade with your kids, how cute! Evie's leopard pjs are adorable!