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Monday, June 18, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 3 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 4 years old!

Photos taken this week: 42

Fav quote of the week, “Don’t put pretzels up into your dinosaurs (mechanical) feet again please.”

Ride 'em, cowboy! I'm not sure if this was a horse or a train, lol!

Bathtime! Who can fill all their cups up the fastest?

I decided it was beautiful outside and time for a family photo, hopefully one we could use on our Christmas card this year. I took a few practice shots to get the angle and framing right.

Then I had to get the kids snacks because they refused to sit still, however, this also made the dog come over and want to get in the pic.

As soon as the snacks were gone, everyone tried to get up and leave, this shot reminded me of an album cover, so I gave it an appropriate band name and cropped it to jewel case size, lol!

At some point, the flash shut off and all the pix were over-exposed in the bright sunlight. I turned this one sepia and played with the contrast and levels to try to help it out a bit, but nothing helped.

This was the only decent picture I could get before no one could stand to have their picture taken any more, lol!

Evie isn't even looking, so I photo-shopped some bubbles in to make it look like she is looking at bubbles, lol!

Happy Father's Day! The art says, "You're the best Dad, hands down!" Eric made this at school. We got Dada some whiskey stones (blocks you freeze and use as ice in your drinks so the drinks aren't watered down by melting ice). Evie thinks they make great mini building blocks, lol!

My new fav pic of Evie.

When Eric was about 2.5 he went thru a very long phase where he wanted to color all the time. Now he is so over coloring that I barely get any artwork from school. Today, for some reason, he felt the bug and colored 6 dinosaur pictures all in one sitting! I hung them up, they are awesome! Great work little buddy!

This was so cute! Eric was giggling and Mook was having a blast, they played all over the house from the kitchen into our bedroom, lol!

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