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Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1: 2013

Photos taken this week: 65

Jan 3: A few weeks back, Scott introduces Evie to scooby doo. I’m not pleased. I think the show is too mature for her. She on the other hand LOVES it and watches the same episode ad nauseum.
Several days later, I am brushing my hair and she walks into the bathroom and turns the lights off. Then she turns around, points to the bathrobes hanging on the back of the bathroom door, and asks me if that is a ghost. I tell her no, I turn the light on, show her it’s a robe, and she turns the lights off again and asks if it’s a ghost, lol.
A few days go by and I am helping her wash her hands in the kitchen sink. Scott is standing with his laptop open at the breakfast bar (which is an extension of the kitchen sink) and there is a huge sticker of a skull on the top of the laptop. Evie sees it and says, “Daddy? Is that a ghost?” Scott says, “It’s a skeleton.” Evie says, “skeeh teh tin?”
A few more days go by and she and Scott take Bailey for a walk. They get to the old walnut orchard and scott sees a large white rock, it's difficult to make out in the dusk of the evening. He asks her if she sees any ghosts. She says in her little two-year-old voice, “Where’s ghost? I don’t see ghost. Ghost? Ghooooost? Where are you?!?” When they get home, Scott is telling me this and I am laughing so hard tears come to my eyes, lol!!!

My layout with this week's photos:

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