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Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 3: 2013

Photos taken this week: 244

Jan 15: went to the dr about my gall bladder pain, he wants to take my gall bladder out Feb 7!

Jan 16: Evie sees dirt on the kitchen floor and says to me, "Mommies, mess! u clean it!"

Jan 17: for the last two days, when Evie needs help, she says it in spanish, lol! "ayudame, ayudame!"

Jan 18: we went to Monterey for my bday (and scott’s work conference) LOVED seeing the ocean and breathing in that salty sea air, it's been way too long. Took the kids to the aquarium and they had a blast petting seaweed, starfish, and decorator crabs! i got to see the sunrise which i haven't seen in a long time.

Scott went for early morning runs, the kids and I went out to breakfast and played on the beach (the first day we had to stay on the beach for hours waiting for our hotel room to be ready), the kids called room service while I was in the bathroom (and caused management to do a wellness check, but it turned out ok because they brought toys, lol!) Being near the ocean again was so amazing, I really miss it. After Scott was finished with his conference, we woke up the next day and took the kids to the Aquarium, it was a really special treat for all of us! The aquarium has a special toddler play area that the kids just loved! They also really enjoyed the petting ponds, and the penguins!
As we were talking to the main entrance of the aquarium, we saw a book, bear, and railroad wares shop. The shop was inside an old train caboose. We had to take a pic for Papa Steve!
Our first day on the beach, both kids fell in the ocean. Eric decided to strip down to his underwear and when he found a big stick and a giant pile of seaweed, I felt the book "The Lord Of The Flies" coming to life right before my eyes, lol!
Traveling with littles is always an adventure. I was hoping I'd brought enough diapers and wipes for Evie, and I had to bring peanut butter and graham crackers because it's the only thing either kiddo is willing to eat at the moment, along with each kiddo's favorite juice. You can see them sitting and eating peanut butter in the tiny extra photo below. The hotel room table had a glass cover on it and the kids were able to get peanut butter under the glass cover! I had to take the table apart to get it clean!
The kids loved jumping on the beds and jumping from one bed to the other. I was worried they wouldn't sleep well in a strange place with strange beds and strange sounds. I brought a lot of items from home to make things seem familiar, like blankets and toys and pillows, but by the end of each day they were so exhausted, it wasn't even an issue.
On our last day there, I called and ordered a crab-salad sandwich from the hotel restaurant. The kids and I got to go in the elevator to get to the restaurant and they thought that was the best thing ever. My sandwich took a very long time, and the kids and I ended up riding the elevator up and down and up and down until finally my sandwich was ready. They were both very sad when my sandwich was ready, lol!

On the way home we stopped in Santa Nella to get pastries from Pea Soup Anderson's. I was excited to have the kids step into the photo board for a photo -- I have fond memories of my childhood, always stopping here during long car trips for yummy pastries and taking photos in the photo board! It's a very long car ride for littles. It was good to stop, change a diaper, clean up messes, and stretch little legs.

My layout with just the photos from Monterey:

My layout with this week's photos:

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