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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Evie's 2nd Birthday Party!

This is a special blog post, just for Evie's birthday party pix! The theme was Disney's "Tangled" (the story of Rapunzel).

Gramma Linda made Evie a princess Rapunzel cake!

Gramma Linda also made a second cake! I bought everything I could find with Rapunzel on it (including the movie which we played during the party).

Evie got a LOT of presents!

And she had lots of fun with her friends.

Her Rapunzel dress was a little too big, but she was excited about putting it on.

And she was VERY excited about cake.

Oops, a little frosting got on her finger, can't imagine how that happened...

Quick, someone shove a cookie in her mouth before the entire cake is destroyed before the candle is ever lit, lol! (I can still see the purple frosting on the tip of her finger from the previous photo, lol!)

Bailey kept barking and trying to eat off the table, so he had to go outside for a while. Evie assured him he was not forgotten, lol.

Sometimes you need help filling up your new purse with just the right items. :)

She got so many nice gifts and cute outfits!

She (and everyone else) had a lot of fun opening all the presents.

Eric with his "un-birthday" presents, lol, because its hard (even for 'big boys') to watch someone else get a bunch of presents. (I just love that oatmeal sweater with the dark jeans - what a handsome boy!)

Evie did not want a family photo during HER party, lol!

What a haul!!!

♦♥♦ Happy Birthday ℘rincess Î¾velyn!!! ♦♥♦

1 comment:

Auntie Heather said...

Oh Eric in that oatmeal sweater!!!!
And you look so pretty in that shirt and curls!
What a great job Gramma Linda did on the cake!
I can't believe Evie posed with that wig on! LOL!