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Friday, August 31, 2007

3 bars!

I woke up this morning and peed on the stick and the machine said I was at 3 bars - woo hoo, ovulating!!! I felt really bloated as we got to the doctor at 8:45am for Hub's washing to occur. At 10:45am I felt even more bloated and my ovaries were hurting. Time for the IUI. I was lucky to get the most gentle doctor there, he explained everything and showed me the catheter and how it worked and where he was putting it, and was really gentle about putting the scapula in and taking it out. I had to lie there for 10 minutes to give things time to gel, and I started to feel crampy (they said that was normal). Finally the 10 minutes was up and we drove home, I felt even worse by the time we got home and went straight to bed to lie down. I lied down for about an hour and a half but had to get up because it feels like I have indigestion and its so uncomfortable to lie down - I don't know if this is part of the ovulation or IUI or if breakfast just isn't sitting right, or what. I'm so thankful I get to just take it easy today.

The doctor said the next step would be to call in 15 days if I hadn't started my new cycle by then. It all seems rather anti-climatic to have all these appointments almost everyday and then be told to just wait around for 2 weeks, don't make another appointment. I want to know that I am pregnant right now! I don't want to wait! Below is a count down timer to help me out:

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