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Friday, October 12, 2007

8 weeks! (Month 2)

I have continued to have morning sickness all day long, not sure why they limit the name to morning time only, its quite the misnomer. I have lost 10 pounds with all the nausea. We went to the doctor today and she said as long as I am able to keep something down every once in a while, it will be okay. We got to see the baby who is now the size of a coffee bean and HEAR the heartbeat!!! It was amazing - 155 beats per minute!!! They also printed pictures for us - very cool!


Corrine said...

Yeah they should call it "awake sickness". The best thing is that when it's all said and done you can report your weight gain in aggregate. I love that I "only gained 20 pounds" when I had Alex. Sure, I lost 9 then gained back 29 but I NETTED 20. The equation is really no one's business, right?
Hang in there at week 12 you'll be hungrier than you've ever been!

SleepingBeautie said...

yes, i like "awake sickness" let's petition to have it changed! i like the aggregate weight gain, i will have to remember that! :)