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Monday, January 5, 2009

Eric is 7 months & 3 weeks old!

Eric has started wringing his hands together, sort of like Mr. Burns from The Simpson's does. I think he is just exploring them, but its really cute when Scott's says, "Excellent!" while he does it, just like Mr. Burns.

This week I have started hearing Eric make a car noise - its low and gutteral. He doesn't make it while playing with his cars, he just makes it every once in a while, like he is practicing for later.

I put Eric to bed and he wasn't quite asleep yet; he rolled over to look at me as I stood at his crib side. He looked me in the eye and smiled as he reached his little hand through the slates to hold my hand - my heart just melted and tears of joy welled in my eyes. I just love my little pumpkin so very much!!!

We made art this week: talked about colors, the feel of the paintbrush on his little hand, how the paint was cold and kinda slimy, how he needed to open his hand and press it against the paper, etc.

Eric wrestles the bear he got from his Great Great Aunt Pinky & Great Great Uncle Ray

New Year's Resolution - get to the gym more often (it's a "Rocky" joke for Daddy - a movie about boxing)

little boy with big shoes to fill

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