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Monday, January 12, 2009

Eric is 7 months & 4 weeks old!

This week Eric is blowing raspberries - oh what fun it is! He also has developed this swinging arm motion that can sweep everything off his high chair table (or any other flat surface) and right onto the floor in one easy motion. Even after everything is on the floor, he continues the arm swinging cuz it's just that cool!

Eric is pulling up on anything he can - once he is up, he makes his way from object to object (very clever!), he prefers to be standing at all times. Although when he is on his tummy he has almost crawled a few times, we are getting SO close!!! Plus he has figured out how to get into a sitting position from a tummy position - he is more mobile every time I turn around! (we have made sure to teach him how to get from a standing position back down to his bottom so he doesn't get stuck standing someplace where he doesn't want to be)

Eric is exploring his new teeth, biting on his spoon when I feed him, chewing his vegie puffs, and running his tongue along the new ridges in his mouth - having teeth is like having an adventure inside your mouth all day long!

Blowing raspberries!

This video shows his sitting down technique and his "almost ready to crawl" pose.

This video shows Eric's mobility, he is really great at moving around and it also shows how much he loves his Mookie Cat!!!

Daddy's favorite is Indiana Jones, so here is a tribute!

Eric wished for his two front teeth for xmas and his wish came true, lol!


Gail Lynn said...

Love the new pics of Eric! They are great! The Indy one cracked me up...oh, how I've loved those movies.


Dominique (landon's mommy) said...

Your little ones gettin so big I can't believe he's getting teeth already.